Recycled Water to Cool GREC Incinerator Charged to GRU Ratepayers Reply

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Trent Kelly, TV20:  ALACHUA – Construction has begun on a nearly $1 million pipeline ($1.5 million) that will supply reclaimed water to Gainesville’s new biomass power plant, which is set to go online by the end of this year.

According to the plant’s consumptive use application, the biomass facility will require a total of 1.4 million gallons of water every day in order to operate.

In August of 2010, the nearby city of Alachua agreed to supply up to 600,000 gallons of reclaimed water to the biomass plant daily, so long as GRU paid for the pipeline’s construction.

Alachua city officials say sending part of their reclaimed water supply to the plant means less fresh water will have to be pumped out of the Florida aquifer once the plant comes online.

A spokesperson for GRU said Alachua’s wastewater facility is much closer than GRU’s to the biomass plant. She also said that the $1 million price tag on the pipeline was a planned expense and was already budgeted for this fiscal year.

**Note: GRU is paying for the installation of the water pipeline. GREC, as the operator of the plant, is responsible for paying the fees associated with pumping the reclaimed water. The rates at which GREC will pay for that water are still being worked out with the city of Alachua.


GRU Digs Trench  Down CR 23A for recycled water


Lynn Coullias Letter to County Commission

Good Afternoon Commissioners:

I’ve attached a e-mail that I sent to Gainesville Care & Commissioner Mike Byerly – prior to the BioMass Meeting.

The questions that my neighborhood are concerned with, were not addressed. I heard Mr. Hunzinger make the statement:

that “GRU will pay for the Pipeline & GREC will absorb the costs”, but he sounded evasive about WHO is really paying for this $1.5 MILLION dollar pipeline.

He also did not address, Chris Byrd’s statement – RE: Alachua will be pumping from the Aquifer to meet the water DEMAND of the GREC plant. (?)

Please look over the attached e-mail, We would like to have some kind of Dialogue BEFORE the 1st Tree is cut down & our neighborhood is altered forever.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Sincerely, L M Coullias


E-mail sent prior to GRU/BIOMASS Special Presentation Meeting October 24, 2012  to: Gainesville Care’s & Comm. Mike Byerly

Good Evening Commissioners:

My name is Lynn Coullias.  I have been a resident of the Oaks of Hague, for over 30 years.  It’s  a unique neighborhood of 55 homes, half within Alachua’s City Limits, the other half in the Alachua’s County Limits.

The City of Alachua is planning on constructing a water line to the new BioMass plant, coming down CR25A, destroying our quiet & *protected neighborhood.

1.) A few years ago, citizens paid over $2 Million for a “reclaimed water line” to run down US441 to accommodate Turkey Creek’s Golf Course.  Since the Golf Course is no longer an active golf course & hasn’t been for years.

Why Can’t that reclaimed water line be used for the BioMass Plant —— It would be closer, less expensive, already on Commercial Property, & less evasive to tree’s & our private/protected neighborhood.

2.) How much will the new proposed water line down CR25A Cost the taxpayers & WHO is paying for it (i.e. GRU, City of Gainesville, City of Alachua) ?     Answer:  $1.5 MILLION

3.)  We’ve asked the City of Alachua’s Public Works Director & Alachua’s City Commissioners about the water line, both claiming this will be “Grey Water” running to the BioMass Plant.  Yet, during August’s County Commission meeting the Environmental Protection Director: Chris Byrd stated on record: “The City of Alachua will be pumping from the Aquafur to meet the DEMAND of the New BioMass Plant”.   (?)  What is the Truth ?

4.) Two years ago, We contacted the County re: the resurfacing of CR25A. Brian Singleton informed us that “although CR25A has exceeded it’s lifetime’s expectancy, the County has a backlog of road resurfacing projects”.
Knowing that CR25A is in poor shape & needing repair, We have been asking for a “No Thru Trucks” or “Weight Load” or “Local Traffic Only Sign” to be posted on the portion of CR25A, off of 237, to deter the speeding trucks & cars who use it as a “jump street to US441”.

We’re also trying to protect the (5) Daily Bus Stops & Our neighborhood Senior Citizens living off of CR25A from the impending 300-400 Daily truck trips expected from this BioMass Truck Traffic.

(This situation is complicated by the Stop Sign that is on the private drive of Homes by House Craft being covered in vines).


5) The Surveyor’s Crew (CHW) put a “red dot” on dozens of Oak tree’s lining CR25A– what does that Red Dot mean (?)  Are these tree’s marked for removal (?)

Oaks of Hague Bus Schedule:
6:10 AM Pick-Up        Bus # 9805
8:15AM  Pick-Up        Bus # 2117

2:30 PM  Drop-Off      Bus # 9805   *  Wed.-Early Dismissal –12:30-1:00 PM Drop-Off*
3:28 PM  Drop-Off      Bus  # 2117
4:30 PM  Drop-Off      Bus #  2504

These are the questions that my neighbor’s & I would like to have answer’s too.

Thanking You in Advance.

L M Coullias

*The Kelley Residence @ 7113 NW 126th Avenue is PROTECTED under the DOMINGO FERNANDEZ LAND GRANT*


  • Photo’s: Kudzu Covering Stop Sign off of CR25A, Red Dot on base of tree’s off of CR25A, Beautiful Canopy of Tree’s with Red Dot’s
  • Article: Fish Fry Celebration in Alachua

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