Alachua City Commission Hears Complaints About GRU Incinerator Reply

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Alachua City Commission Hears Biomass Incinerator Complaints From Turkey Creek and Gainesville Residents

At the end of this clip you will hear Commissioner Wilford insist that his letter remain word-for-word in the form in which it was read aloud.  The commission then voted unanimously to do just that.

Then notice how Traci Cain batted her eyes at Wilford and asked if it would be ok if the staff and attorney could add or delete words from the letter.  Then notice how Wilford agreed to Caine’s ad lib suggestion with an almost inaudible “without objection to the commission” where they all mumbled “ok ” without the necessary action of first, rescinding the previous vote according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Make no mistake.  This informal change will be honored above the formal “show-boat” vote.

You have to listen carefully to this slight of hand, but the final version of the letter may look nothing like what you heard commissioner Wilford read aloud.

Best to ask for a copy of the final version of the letter and compare it to what Wilford read aloud.  It may be far different.

Alachua City Commission Hears Biomass Incinerator Complaints at End of Meeting Citizens Comment

The late evening citizens comment included a warning by attorney Rush that it would be risky to file suit.

Although many might think the meeting went well and demonstrated the Alachua commissions willingness to do the right thing, I feel there is too much opportunity for deception.  My suggestion is not to put too much trust in the “glitter” of what was merely promised.   The people who applauded the rhetoric of commissioner Ben Boukari (one of 3 in the Boukari family) may be very disappointed in the final product.

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