How to File Complaints Against Noise and Toxic Ash Emissions from GRU/GREC Biomass Incinerator Reply


Turkey Creek Residents Take Complaints About Biomass Plant to City Hall – Larry Noegel and his wife moved to Turkey Creek in 2007 – looking for a more peaceful life.  But in recent weeks, peace and quiet have been things of the past. “It almost sounds like we’ve got jet planes taking off outside our bedroom windows,” says Noegel.  ***continue

TV-20 coverage of City of Alachua citizens Comment on Biomass noise and toxic ash

New PDF Forms as Labeled from J. Hendricks – updated 9/24/13

Fugitive Dust and_or Noise Affidavit Form

Noise complaints phone Gainesville Police update 5-30pm

From Jayne Hendricks, Turkey Creek

The following is a concise description of how noise complaints should be handled.

Phone Noise complaints to Gainesville Police (GPD) who have jurisdiction over noise complaints in Gainesville – 352-955-1818 and mention “Biomass complaints.”

GPD will give you an incident number that you should write down and save including date and time

Call when the incident happens, even if it’s daytime hours. Do not let them put you off with their statement they don’t have sound meters or that we should tolerate with the noise during daytime hours.

They will ask for address of GRU Biomass plant: It’s either 10001 NW 13 Street, Gainesville OR 11201 NW 13 Street, Gainesville.  They are renting land from Deerhaven which is former address.  Correspondence from Albert Morales, GREC Managing Director, shows the latter address.

Respectfully ask the police to note both addresses. GPD has no email for making a paper trail but they will give you an incident number.  Make a note of it. You can email your complaint with the incident number you just obtained from GPD to the following:

  • (Alachua City Manager)
  • (Gainesville City Manager, Russ Blackburn)
  • (All of Alachua City Comm)
  • (All of Gainesville City Comm)
  •  (Chris Bird, Alachua County DEP)
  • (Chris Kirts, FL DEP in Jacksonville)
  • (Richard Wolf Alachua County Code Enforcement)
  • (All Alachua County BoCC)
  •  (Karin Hyler (GREC)
  •  (Albert Morales, GREC)

For your convenience, the email addresses can be copied from the string below and pasted into the address field in you email message.,,,,,,,,,

Caution:  Low flying military jet aircraft maneuvers have become more common in recent years.   Make sure that your complaint about noise that sounds like a “jet aircraft” is actually from the biomass plant rather than military practice maneuvers.  Complaints about noise from military aircraft requires a separate form but even US Air Force and Navy jets almost never make noise past 10 PM.

Nuisance complaints should be filled out on “affidavit forms and “notarized” and sent to the Jacksonville office as well as calling and emailing your complaints regarding “annoying” noise and/or soot, smoke and odors.

Remember to keep a copy.  Also send copies to the Alachua County Commissioners and the Alachua County DEP Dir., Chris Bird and Commissioners for Gainesville and the City of Alachua.

Update 9/24/13 – J. Hendricks:  The newly revised dust and/or noise affidavit will be located on the TCMOA website under Resources, Documents, Biomass Affidavit and will be available by noon, Tues. Sep 24, 2013.  Several owners in TC already have it as a PDF and can share with those living outside TC.

New PDF Forms as Labeled from J. Hendricks – updated 9/24/13

Fugitive Dust and_or Noise Affidavit Form

Noise complaints phone Gainesville Police update 5-30pm

Or please click HERE to visit the Turkey Creek Master Owners Association web site.

Reporting Fugitive Dust and other Air Pollution Complaints

Fugitive dust or other air pollution concerns associated with the GREC plant should be directed to:

Marc Lovallo,  Florida Department of Environmental Protection Air Program Dept of Environmental Protection Northeast District, 7825 Baymeadows Way, ste B200, Jacksonville, FL 32256, at 904-256-1700 or

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