Dr. Barrie Trower Reveals Microwaves, Chemtrails as Weapons of Social Control 8


ICAACT was given an exclusive interview with Dr. Barrie Trower, a true British gentlemen and hero, who has spent many years fighting for humanity.
After the meeting our respect and admiration for him rose to new heights.

During the two days of interview, we touched on many different topics, but the main theme was the abuse of microwaves as a secret and covert stealth weapon, that has been around for at least 50-60 years. This type of weapon has taken many different forms over the years and it is still used in many different types of targeting, even to the point of death around the world.

We started the Interview with basic knowledge about microwaves and how they influence the human body and mind. From there we went on to cover Dr. Barrie Trower’s long career, and finally we went into they abuse of microwave weapons and what can be done to protect against them.

The Interview was filmed on May the 1st and 2nd, 2012.

TETRA is the UK Police radio system that Dr. Trower asserts causes officers to become more aggressive among other mental aberrations.

More of the Interview with Dr. Barrie Trower to come at:    WWW.ICAACT.ORG

More Video Interviews from Dr. Trower on Tetra HERE 

  • at the 18 minute mark listen to him talk about special forces gents, who, after using special microwave communication helmets, beat their wives severely, after returning home from duty.
  • at the 20 minute mark Dr. Trower says that a child’s brain takes several hours to return to normal after using a cell phone for two minutes.
  • at the 22 min mark he mentions a huge increase in parotid gland cancer among the Chinese
  • Brain tumors and eye tumors are also prevalent.
  • at the 26 minute mark he says that governments have lied to the People in order to protect the corporations that profit from the microwave systems.  He says that 15 years ago he stated that these systems will cause more death and disease than all the casualties of WWII, and that ‘they’ will get away with it, because, they are untouchable. “The worst genocide this planet has ever known”
  • at the 30 minute mark he talks about Operation Paperclip and the ensuing MKULTRA experiments, on pregnant women, where scientists found that they could cause a 57% increase in mis-carriages after exposing these unsuspecting women to microwave radiation.


  1. Alternative Response:

    Or, ….. Look into group meditation and/or group prayer or just do it yourself. Relax, find your peaceful inner place; ask your higher-self to invite the negative entities to leave us and return to their source. Offer them a feeling of love, thank them for the wisdom and knowledge you have gained from them, but it’s time to move on. Let your higher-self do the asking, not your ego-self. The influence of such a positive act is the square of its being. Scientific studies on line as “Group Meditation Effect” show as few as 3 people meditating positively in a population of 90,000 reduce crime, corruption, and undesired events. The power is there within you, when you use your higher-self as your ambassador with darkness.

  2. Anyone know why there has seemingly been no spraying here in So Cal for the past month?> I know they spray in the night and we wake up and the sky is all brown, gray, orange, yellow from the chemicals, but I have seen no steaks of sprays at all all month. Do you think they are getting wise to all of us spreading the word?

  3. I have seen his video before and I know I am a victim, but most people will say that I am crazy all while they are glued to the boob toob or playing games on a cell phone while texting and making calls.

  4. Reblogged this on SWORD OF TRUTH and commented:
    Yes it is time to wake the sleeping sheep up to this cause it is affecting all of us. ***You won’t find ‘HPFD Syndrome’ listed in any medical journal. We are documenting the long deserved acknowledgement of it’s existence here. Symptoms are listed from findings of sufferers and compiled data regarding the effects of high pressure infrasound and other frequencies over large areas of population simultaneously, on the human body.
    Classic ‘HPFD Syndrome’ (High Pressure Frequency Debilitation Syndrome) Symptoms: persistent vibrations, reverberations and tremblings in the body, especially noticeable when calming down to go to sleep resulting in inability to sleep. Torturous sensations of skin and flesh crawling, impending insanity, oppressive fatigue, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality changes, unexplained headaches, sinus swelling and/or excessive mucus, loss of cognition, loss of concentration, memory loss, visual disturbances, painful joints and muscles throughout body, unexplained swelling, odd buzzing – ringing or humming sound in the brain or ears reverberating even to the teeth at times, heart palpitations or racing…
    TTA = Tesla Tech Array. TTA’s are part of the global Tesla Technology network. They emit most ranges of high powered frequency from ELF to EHF and everything in between, audible and inaudible. They’re found on Satellites, HAARP type arrays, military vessels and in field, handheld and mobile. There are many Hydroacoustic TTA’s. They are used for everything from creating and manipulating weather to inducing earthquakes. Even molecular Dissociation down to a fine mist.
    They are all over the world, even in the oceans. Have found a few of them but google earth tries to obscure them like they do many other things.
    Isaiah 29:15 Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?
    Who are they?? Find out in my next blog post.

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