Unbearable Noise in Alachua Is State of Art Electricity For Gainesville 1

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Historic Hague Cemetary, Baptist and Methodist churches

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  • City of Alachua Municode search for key word “noise” yielded these results  Here 
  • Citizens of the City of Alachua who wish to file a complaint may complete the Citizen Complaint Form.  The owner and/or party in control of the property will be notified of any violation and given an opportunity to meet code requirements without fine or penalty except in emergency situations, irreparable conditions or repeat violations. See Code Violation Process for further detail.  
  • In accordance with Section 12-20 of the City of Alachua Code of Ordinances, a Code Enforcement Special Magistrate system was established on December 18, 2006 which replaced the former Code Enforcement Board.  source

City of Alachua Complaint Form Specific to Biomass Incinerator (PDF)


The following 4 pages are from GREC’s Site Certification Application,  section 6, entitled “EFFECTS OF PLANT OPERATION”.

Table 6.7.2-1 on page 6-46 below is GREC’s list of sound levels from various sources of incinerator operation. These numbers reflect anticipated normal operation rather than what has been “startup” testing thus far.

The far right column gives a total “noise” number after averaging  nine octaves of sound emissions.  But the table unreasonably assumes no noise is generated above 8,000 Hz when a majority of complainants describe it as a “jet engine” roar.

Of more interest is the 60 dBA of low fequency (ultra-base) noise generated at 31.5 Hz.  This rumbling sound is energy that resonates with large physical structures like roofs, golf course greens, window panes and more. These low frequencies can cause insideus damage to homes, foundations and more.

GREC Noise Application Reference Pages1

Table 6.7.2-1 on page 6-49 below is GREC’s computer model of the anticipated distributions of noise from operational sources listed above.  As expected, the highest “anticipated noise” level  is within four (4)  red circles associated with the physical incinerator structure.

Computer modeling is tricky. We only need to recall the Diebold version of computer modeling to understand how secretly embedded  fudge-factors can produce a model that turns winners into losers.

The noise levels appears almost concentric to the four cooling towers identified as the single most intense source of noise pollution with a combined 444 dBA of ear-splitting roar that few endangered species could survive.

GREC Noise Application Reference Pages2

An estimated 378 daily fuel deliveries and related vehicle trips are depicted below on 6-57. The relevance of the red triangle is not clear. But here’s what you need to know:

  • 251 trips will arrive southbound on 441.
  • 127 trips will arrive northbound on 441.
  • 219 trips will presumably be mostly noisy delivery trucks driving through the once fair city of Alachua.
  • 032 trips will pass through historic Hague, Fl where old US 441 (Desoto Trail) is no longer a scenic highway and neighborhood – and to be permanently scarred with a Publix and Dollar General next to those beautiful, 100 year old Baptist and Methodist churches.
GREC Noise Application Reference Pages3

On page 6-50 below the daytime and nighttime hours listed by GREC agree with the City of Gainesville code, however the City of Alachua rules on noise is nebulous.

GREC reports that 17 sound receivers were used to determine the results however important meteorological data including temperature, wind and relative humidity appear not to have been considered. Many people know that sounds travel much farther during cold weather, windy days or both.

GREC Noise Application Reference Pages4

State of the Art Noise Pollution – A Closer Look

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