City of Alachua Residents Fired Up Over Biomass Incinerator Pollution Reply

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9/18/2013 – Turkey Creek Homeowners Meeting

9/18/2013 – Turkey Creek Community, Alachua Florida:


Russ Pisano Holds Decible Meter

Biomass pollution was on the agenda as a “hot topic” at the Turkey Creek Association meeting but the item ahead of the incinerator happened to be a disappointing report that prospective buyers for re-opening the TC golf course were unable to secure financing.

Despite the improving economy since the 2008 credit-default-swap downturn, financing to re-open the golf course and associated club house has dead-ended and could continue to fail unless the biomass incinerator is shut down for good.

There’s no evidence yet that lending institutions were scared off by the biomass incinerator pollution issues, however final decisions are not always documented when a lending institution meets in private to consider financing for a golf course community tainted by a possible new wave of property devaluations.

In this meeting you will hear TC residents complain that the late night incinerator noise causes them to abandon their own bedrooms in search of a place to sleep.

Following a strong presentation by City of Alachua Commissioner,  Robert Wilford the TC board resolved to take their complaints to the Alachua County, City of Alachua and City of Gainesville commissions.

Robert Wilford Alachua City CommissionFurthermore,  complaints of ash and noise will be submitted to appropriate channels with complaints lodged with State  Rep., Clovis Watson and federal Rep. Ted Yoho.  Theses politicians with strong ties to Alachua will be challenged to be instrumental in shutting down this dangerous smoke stack before it eclipses the notorious Koppers Superfund site in scope of toxic consequences.

The board also resolved to schedule a biomass workshop no later than the first week in October where technical aspects of the GRU/GREC incinerator will be presented by local experts with implications to health, safety and welfare.

The TC community does not stand alone in their complaints.  Representatives of communities outside TC  attended the meeting to have their complaints put on record.

In a previous public meeting GRU General Manager, Bob Hunzinger told the public that mercury emissions continued to be a problem with the incinerator.  Since then there has been no discussion of mercury levels so the public must assume these toxins remain too high.

Fukushima in a Smoke Stack?

Although most residents complained about the noise, TC homeowner,  Pete Perkins , PhD warned of hidden radioactive (cesium) contamination carried by the ash residue.  He says incinerator ash can carry radioactive cesium in particulates so small as to allow entry into the blood stream – delivering toxins to vital organs including the brain. Of course, the wood pellet “fuel” originates from different sources at different times with some emissions going “more nuclear” than others.

Commissioner Wilford invited the TC community to attend the Monday night Alachua City commission meeting to have their complaints heard.

Cesium-137 is a worrying  radioactive pollutant that is water-soluble clear down to the floridan aquifer. With a half-life of 31 years, the radioactive pollution is highly cumulative during this period.  Much more worrying is that cesium-137 can become internalized into the human body and food chain where it’s radiation emissions originate just outside or even inside the cell membrane itself.  This intimate proximity to the human cell is far more toxic than ionizing radiation originating from outside the body (X-rays)  where lead shields can be used to stop penetration. (source)

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