Dust and Noise Are Chief GRU/GREC Incinerator Complaints Reply

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Last updated 9/19/2013



Ward Scott Files 9/18/2013

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Alachua County GRU Location 10001 NW 13 ST

Deerhavan GRU Biomass Incinerator 10001 NW 13 St.


Google Map turkey creek and Incinerator-bb


Biomass Map Alachua and Gainesville

Two general complaints include:

1) Excessive noise from the GRU/GREC Biomass incinerator

Testimony from Turkey Creek residents complain that incinerator noise interrupts sleep.

2) Visible ash residue from the GRU/GREC incinerator that is assumed to be toxic pending lab analysis.

Anectdotal complaints suggest possibly toxic incinerator ash emissions collect on motor vehicle windshields.

Gainesville Noise ordinance

Identified residential communities south of incinerator:

  • Turkey Creek – Alachua
  • Progress Mobile Home Park – 6101 NW 120th Ln, Gainesville, FL 32653  ‎(386) 462-1660 ‎
  • Staghorm – Alachua
  • Brooke Pointe – Alachua
  • Turkey Creek Forest – Gainesville

Identified non-residential entities impacted by incinerator pollution

How citizens can register complaints.


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