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Ward Scott Files Archives – 10/24/2013

Hour 1: Phil Leary, Env. Regulation

Hour 2: Randall Reif firing, Lynn Curry, State GOP


Ward Scott Files Archives – 10/23/2013

Hour 1: Storm Water fee for rural homes

Hour 2: Energy: Biomass, Sue Bard, Nathan Skop

Ward Scott Files Archives – 10/7/2013

Hour 1:  Mom’s Kitchen and Crimes of Rodney Long and Gainesville Elite

Hour 2:   Commissioner Lee Pinkoson Reveals huge County Budget Dilemmas


Ward Scott Files Archives – 10/3/2013

  • Hour 1: Mayor Braddy discusses Biomass and Noise comments
  • Hour 2: Ward Scott Comments on World Events


Ward Scott Files Archives – 9/30/2013

  • Hour 2:  Charles Goston from Alachua County Black Caucus presents issues of harassment from Alachua County Democrat Executive Committee (ACDEC)


Ward Scott Files Archives – 9/26/2013

  • Hour 1: Mayor Ed Braddy
  • Hour 2: Ward Scott rant on land use and property rights


Ward Scott Files Archives – 9/25/2013

  • Hour 1: Bruce Nelson, Mayor of Angerville reports the strange politics  on the Alachua County Commission
  • Hour 2:  Sheriff Sadie Darnell reports corruption on Alachua County Commission


Ward Scott Files Archives – 9/12/2013

  • Hour 1: Mayor Ed Braddy reveals Biomass crimes
  • Hour 2: Ward Scott on loss of property rights

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