AIPAC Lobbies Congressman Yoho at Secretive Synagogue Meeting in Gainesville 1

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by Harold Saive

Updated 9/6/2013 – 11/7/2013

“I don’t do any meetings off the record”

Despite witnesses in the audience, Congressman Yoho doubles-down to deny that the attended the 8/21/2013 meeting at Bnai Israel synagogue in Gainesville, Fl.   Radio host, Ward Scott surprises his audience when he apparently has no knowledge of the the powerful Israeli lobbying organization.  Trusted sources now confirm that the political lobbying event has been reported to the IRS for violation of Bnai Israel’s 501c3, tax exempt status.

Will AIPAC allow Congressman Yoho to tell his constituents what he said at the secret AIPAC synagogue meeting on Aug 21, 2013?  So far his congressional website shows no mention of the “strictly off the record meeting” with AIPAC and UF campus support groups.

Yoho’s Positions on Issues:

Today (9/5) Congressman Yoho came out swinging against military action in Syria.  Based on the military’s admitted uncertainty in Teusday’s classified briefing, Yoho isn’t convinced President Bashar al-Assad’s government used chemical weapons. It should be of great concern and enlightenment that  Kerry has been made to read from a script that contradicts the military’s own admitted uncertainty as to Assad’s order to deploy chemical weapons.

This isn’t to conclude that chemical weapons like Sarin were not deployed, it only suggests the skepticism of “who dunnit” that alternative sources media have been reporting all along  (RT)

When I posted doubt concerning Assad’s use of chemical weapons on the AIPAC  Gators For Israel (GFI) facebook page, the moderator immediately removed my comment and cancelled my comment privileges. This censorship was probably imposed when it contradicted AIPAC’s directive to UF students to call congress to vote for the resolution to attack Syria.

The GFI instruction on facebook says:

“Contact members of Congress! Urge them to pass this critical resolution for America’s security! Click here:”

On Aug, 29, Rep. Yoho’s news release  responded to public outrage concerning US military intervention in Syria.  Regardless his “strictly off the record” presentation, Yoho has officially come down against intervention in Syria as  “unconstitutional”.

“The recent news of the White House’s announcement to possibly take military action in Syria has sent waves throughout our nation.  While the President aims to intervene in Syria’s internal conflict, I maintain that it is neither the role of the United States federal government to do so nor the responsibility of the American taxpayer to fund such an unconstitutional act.”

To his credit, this is consistent with his June 26th press release announcing legislation prohibiting military assistance in Syria, making it illegal to distribute funds to aid opposition forces in Syria. Although this legislative gesture is appreciated the reality remains that “funds” will be distributed whether Congress outlaws them or not.

The Inside Job:

AIPAC’s notice of a “strictly off the record”  meeting with CongressmanYoho on 8/21 was widely distributed in the public domain even if people like you and me would not be welcomed to attend:

AIPAC, JCNCF, B’nai Israel, Shir Shalom, UF Hillel, Chabad of Gainesville & Gators for Israel present “A View from Capitol Hill to the Golan Heights” featuring Congressman Ted Yoho

Congressman Yoho will be speaking about his recent trip to Israel with the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), the charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC.

For security reasons, advance registration is required. Please reserve your spot today by contacting Sam Kalmowicz at AIPAC.  This event is strictly off the record and closed to the press.”

Despite AIPAC affiliated sponsorship by AIEF  no members of this group were introduced at the meeting.

The IRS Frowns on 501C3 Politics

Congregation B’nai Israel has likely violated their 501C3 status by joining AIPAC’ in lobbying a US Congressman and influencing the politics of AIPAC groups at the University of Florida.  Rabbi Kaiman’s name, however does not appear on the State of Florida document (PDF)


The RSVP requirement licensed Sam Kalmowicz (AIPAC Florida Region Director, Synagogue initiative)  to screen for constitutionalists, Tea-Partiers (oops!),  peace activists, 9/11 truthers, Nazis, Palestinians and anyone deemed unworthy by whim or design –  even when they are solidly identified in the community as devout, yamaka-wearing Jews.

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