UF Provost, Joe Glover Bans English Dept. Cointelpro Documentary 2

Glover banned the English department’s program featuring the documentary “COINTELPRO-101”
Originally published April 4, 2011
Updated 9/5/2013
By Harold Saive

The current litmus test for COINTELPRO in the media, education and politics is whether the organization will allow robust discussion of the events of 9/11 as to how the government’s official story cannot be defended by available scientific evidence.

Before you continue, please watch this short video.  Be aware that the issue of NINE-ELEVEN will be used as The Litmus Test for determining which news sources, leaders, institutions and politicians are protecting the Constitution of the United States or working to undermine this sacred document.  No excuses.

UF Provost, Joseph Glover can be more powerful than the College President in one disturbing way.  Glover has the authority to censor educational opportunities that could reveal the racist politics on the Campus of the University of Florida.  In the case of English department’s hosting of the COINTELPRO 101, Glover fist banned the program from being held on campus then tried to ban it again when it was scheduled at the Alachua County Main Library – an established sanctuary of free-speech.

Glover’s prejudice is revealed when he allows AIPAC to run recklessly amuck under “Gators For israel”.   *** More

COINTELPRO translates to “White Supremacy”: The acronym may not be well understood but its meaning and continuing impact are absolutely central to understanding the government’s wars and repression against progressive movements.

COINTELPRO represents the state’s strategy to prevent movements and communities from overturning white supremacy and creating racial justice.

is both a formal program of the FBI and a term frequently used to describe a conspiracy among government agencies—local, state, and federal – even Universities — to destroy movements for self-determination and liberation for Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous struggles, as well as mount an institutionalized attack against allies of these movements and other progressive organizations.

On April 1, 2011, The Documentary Cointelpro-101 was viewed by an overflow audience at Gainesville’s Civic media Center.

This extraordinary documentary breaks the myth that America is a true “democracy”.  Instead, we see screen after screen of documented evidence that the FBI and CIA agents were assigned to murder (“neutralize”) blacks, Hispanics and anti-war activists.  Any person or group that appeared to succeed in their mission to restore liberty is targeted to be “neutralized”. This domestic tyranny continues to escalate in a country going bankrupt to support endless wars and illegal invasions. Syria

It’s important to know why this Documentary was “banished” from the University of Florida Campus.

The decision to essentially censor the documentary was made by the “Office of the Provost.” The UF website currently shows Dr. Joseph Glover as the head “decider” of what students will not be allowed to learn.

It’s of little surprise that Glover’s biography includes close work with likely Cointelpro sources of the 21st Century:

Glover’s BIO reveals a willing globalist and hawk by association.  His research in probability theory, stochastic processes, and potential theory has been supported by the NSF, (Rockefeller Foundation front) the AFOSR, (Research for the Air Force) and the NSA. (National SpyOnYou Agency).

The April 2nd re-screening of Cointelpro 101 and panel discussion was held at the Alachua County Main Library where the documentary reveals a dark, alien government where racism and murder are the tools used to protect a military-Industrial complex and the banksters who profit from war, blood and murder.

Mainstream Media and even college campus newspapers have become an accomplice to Cointelpro through agencies that sponsor them.

The current litmus test for COINTELPRO in the media, education and politics is whether an organization will allow discussion of the events of 9/11 as to how the government’s official story cannot be defended by available scientific evidence.


  1. Florida Atlantic University, had been tied into a privatized MK-ULTRA.
    They had received a research grant, to R&D the weaponizing capabilities, of Raytheon’s Active Denial System (ADS), & PEPS (EMF Pulsed Weapon)…The Sunshine Project, had released a Defense research grant, gotten through FOIA, but heavily redacted..

    One of their X-Psychology proffesors, I had outed as being part, of a Behavioral Scientist Consultation Team (B.S.C.T.), a torture doctor.: http://www.youtube.com//watch?v=RbudI58Lz_g
    : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AT8bEPvNFmM#t=1615
    : http://www.tomheneghanbriefings.com
    : http://www.apfn.org/apfn/RICO_affidavit.htm
    : http://www.whale.to/b/griggs.html
    : http://www.bilderberg.org/skulbone.htm
    : http://www.educate-yourself.org/cn/ottdyncorpunholytrinity21feb10.shlml

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