Zionist Secret Meeting With Congressman Yoho Was Another Inside Job 7

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Tea Party No Match For Likud Party

Will Congressman Yoho Tell the Rest of Us What He Told the Israeli Lobby?

AIPAC’s notice of the Yoho meeting in Gainesville  stated:

AIPAC, JCNCF, B’nai Israel, Shir Shalom, UF Hillel, Chabad of Gainesville & Gators for Israel  present “A View from Capitol Hill to the Golan Heights”  featuring  Congressman Ted Yoho

Congressman Yoho will be speaking about his recent trip to Israel with the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), the charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC.

For security reasons, advance registration is required.  Please reserve your spot today by contacting Sam Kalmowicz at AIPAC.  This event is strictly off the record and closed to the press.”

Bnai Israel Header

This procedure apparently allowed Sam Kalmowicz – (AIPAC Florida Region Director,  Synagogue initiative)  to screen for peace activists, 9/11 truthers, holocaust deniers etc.  even if they are otherwise known to be devout, practicing  Jews.   Local activist Scott Camil of Veterans For Peace is one example of who would not have been allowed to enter the B’nai Israel  synagogue on NW 16th Blvd.

AIPAC Gainesville announcement

Meldon Zionist Photo VerticalBut even with a UF and AIPAC imposed “gag order” on program content combined with ideological filtering of undesirable attendees,  we can still learn much by examining the organizations and people involved.

As Rabbi at B’nai Israel, It was David Kaiman who hosted the “off the record” meeting with Rep. Yoho.   Kaiman, who’s commitment to AIPAC has been obscure in the past suddenly made his position crystal clear through the outrageous act of hosting a closed-door, non-public religious meeting with a US Congressman to promote a foreign county.   Kaiman maintains a blog:  GATOR TORAH –  “Fully Jewish  Israeli in North Central Florida”.

Taylor Nichole Parker is president of Gators for Israel and also an AIPAC Diamond Summer Intern.

Jessica Meldon is daughter of Jeffrey Meldon and holds the position of  AIPAC Deputy Political Director for Florida

Attorney, Jeffrey Meldon (“just call me”) is deeply involved in promoting AIPAC as a solution to more control over US policy and legislation.

How the SUN suppresses Information:

A Gainesville Sun article by staff writer, Bill Thompson , published on 8/22 covered Yoho’s trip to Israel and obediently refrained from mentioning  the Congressman’s “off the record ” meeting with fervent AIPAC  supporters from two nights before.

Thompson’s mention of AIPAC was cleverly confined to the long form “American Israel Public Affairs Committee” with the acronym “AIPAC” conspicuously absent.  This clever word-smithing has confusing consequences to anyone searching the internet with Google – (with new  Google offices now in Israel, by the way.)

Thompson’s article was published in The Gainesville Sun local section, below the fold but the online version was posted as virtual “dark matter” where it’s existence is practically invisible to most readers who were not already aware the article was also in the the newspaper print edition.

Excerpts of interest

“You keep telling me this will anger America. Don’t you understand? We control America. We know it and they know it.”  Arial Sharon, Oct, 2001

“Citing security concerns and directives from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office, Kat Cammack, Yoho’s chief of staff, declined to comment on why the Gainesville Republican was traveling to Israel, where he would be traveling while there and whom he may meet with.  But Cammack did say the trip is privately funded; it’s sponsored by the American Israel Political Action Committee, or AIPAC, the powerful lobby in Washington that promotes Israel’s interests in Congress.”  Source  (and above the interests of the American people)

“That’s the hub of all major religions,” Yoho said. “It made the Bible real for me.”  Ted Yoho, is Catholic

“Yoho also noted that security officials he met with while in Israel convinced him that IRAN is close to having a nuclear weapon and further developing missiles or “dirty bombs” that could potentially be used against the United States. Netanyahu told the group that Israel would prefer to not act alone in trying to halt Iran’s nuclear push, Yoho added.”  Source   Even with no hard evidence that IRAN is building nukes Yoho recklessly falls for the old WMD in Iraq trick

Congressional Stooges of AIPAC and Israel

Lew Rockwell’s opinion is widely shared:

“I denounce every one of these members of Congress as irresponsible liars, because Iran has no nuclear weapons program to dismantle. Every person in this list should be removed from office for taking on AIPAC’s hard line on Iran.  Yoho and Rockwell’s complete list of “stooges”  *** more “

Why would AIPAC intentionally invest so many resources to advertise that a closed meeting with a US Congressman was to remain strictly off-the-record”?  How could such a meeting remain “off-the-record when AIPAC’s wide internet promotion guaranteed the meeting would go viral as the most talked about off-the record meeting of  Congressman Yoho’s short career.?

What Did Yoho Promise the Zionists?

The sequence of speakers began with AIPAC’s  Jessica Meldon who repeated that the Ted Yoho meeting was “off the record” and news reporters were ot welcome to stay.

Next was program sponsor, Rabbi David Kaiman who made a short presentation welcoming the audience.

Jeffrey Meldon followed and described his year-long relationship with Congressman Yoho with flattering remarks that characterized Ted as well-informed in the history of middle-east politics.  Meldon seemed convinced that Ted would be a valuable asset in building US/Israel relations due to his energetic style and  committee assignments.

Meldon introduced Congressman Yoho who was described as “exuberant” when re-living he and his wife’s flight to Israel on a 747 with rooms waiting at the historic King David Hotel.  Yoho’s hard right position on security for Israel was said to be tempered with a high priority need to negotiate. Best discription is “waffling”.

Regardless Meldon’s buildup of Yoho as “knowledgeable”, others remain skeptical that the Congressman has little more than an elementary grasp of middle-east political dynamics.  This makes Yoho and probably most freshman in congress vulnerable to the expedient, spoon-fed propaganda that is neither education or knowledge.  More like mind-washing to group-think.

Following Yoho, Jessica Meldon returned to the floor to introduce Gators For Israel president Taylor Nichole Parker who read a prepared speech that could already be available in the public domain.

The program closed with a short Q&A session that none of my sources could call “memorable”.

Despite the Homeland Security atmosphere of the meeting as “off the record”, no one could find reason for such a highly advertised meeting to be so private and “strictly off-the-record.” at the same time.

Thomas hayes morrisonLibertarian, Thomas Hayes-Morrison told me he’s been tutoring Congressman Yoho on how to vote on legislation based on principals of constitutional process.  Until now, Morrison said Ted’s performance was steadily getting better – in Liberatrian terms – compared to his early months in congress.

As a peace activist with no party affiliation to reduce contaminated political thinking,  I’m still waiting for the conservative Congress to wake up to the huge cost saving potential of non-interventionist defense policies.


Secret Meetings with Public Officials Always Designed  to hide the WHOLE truth.

It’s no secret that Jeffrey Meldon will defend AIPAC even under criticism from another Jew of equal or more distinguished accomplishment.

Last April 13 Carl Bernstein spoke at the UF. The Sun Headline read:  “Watergate reporter urges residents to dig deep for truth”

Jeffrey remarked:

“I attended the speech last night (4/13) given by Carl Bernstein and applaud his advice to seek credible sources before you form your opinions. However with regard to his opinions on aipac he has failed to do that . He told me after his speech that the single most authoritative source he could suggest was a book entitled “the Israel lobby and us foreign policy”. This book was written by two anti Israel people who failed to do any original research and their opinions expressed in the book have been given little to no credibility by the vast majority of intelligent journalists and commentators. Perhaps Mr. Berstein should use the same investigative techniques with regard to aipac and Israel that he used in his watergate reporting.”

Attorney Meldon stops short of accusing the book’s authors ( John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt) of lying about AIPAC.  Reporting unpleasant facts is not the same as misrepresenting the truth.  When condensing historical facts to reveal AIPAC’s corrupting influence on US government policy and US treasury why would Jeffrey characterize the lack of need for any original research as a “failure”? Why not call it  historical fact?    Meldon gives his misplaced zeal away when he pens a near Ad hominem response as disdain for Carl Bernstein’s suggestion to read a good history book.

 Real Reason Meldon is Sweating the Bernstein Effect

If Bernstein’s suggested resource is regarded as too aggressively biased against AIPAC and Israel then it’s best to continue reading more history from authors who do original research (of old documents) and risk having more to lose than to gain.

Edwin Black’s, The Transfer Agreement is based on painful revelations to he and his family when his research into events surrounding the holocaust uncovered disturbing manipulation of facts.  Far from being labeled a “denier”, Black discovered the history of the holocaust is more complicated than the simplistic version regurgitated too often by the media and even academia.

Meldon’s suggestion of original research has come as the another anniversary of the dangerously misunderstood 9/11/2001 disaster approaches.

Original research endorsed by ten-thousand advanced degreed professionals has concluded that the Twin Towers and WTC Building-7 were ultimately knocked down by deliberate, explosive demolition.

Congressman Ted Yoho has been informed  that the FBI’s division of counterterrorism has responded in writing to evidence for deliberate demolition that goes far beyond beyond “reasonable doubt”.

The Head of the FBI’s division of counterterrorism, Michael J, Heimbach said the evidence is “…backed by thorough research and analysis”.   Pressure on federal law enforcement to convene a new grand jury to open a new investigation continues.  This evidence has been viewed by millions and provided to the global community in over eight languages. This knowledge is now at critical mass even as corporate media – like so many important issues –  refuses to report this breakthrough.

This video sent to the FBI by Architect Richard Gage, AIA, remains as the gold standard and the basis for a stunning realization that the 9/11 event was master-minded by a minority of undetermined insiders who do not represent your government but were granted long-term access to three giant skyscrapers for months or years prior to the 9/11/2001 event.

There is no longer any doubt that the deception of 9/11 created the confusion and opportunity to pass the unlawful and repulsive Patriot Act,  Department of  Homeland Security, NSA, TSA, NDAA, Drone surveillance and legal murder of US citizens.

9/11: Blueprint for Truth-The Architecture of Destruction.

The scientific method correlates 100% with deliberate demolition.  See for yourself


  1. Harold,

    This is an outstanding dispatch.

    Thank you for composing and sending it!

    Mark Venzke



  2. Watts UP With That has a new thread on;
    Chemtrails or Contrails? Another Alarmist Issue Without Scientific Context

    My Comment;
    I changed the meme from “Chemtrail” to “Geo-Engineering” in the blogosphere about two years ago to be more scientifically accurate and get the debate into the mainstream. It really worked like a charm. Both words work for me just fine, but psychological conditioning has made many averse to the discussion. No matter if you acknowledge the persistent contrails in the skies contain added chemicals or not, causing their lingering dispersion overcast effect, I just ask you to do some math.

    Commercial jet aircraft numbers in the skies cannot account for the tick tack toe patters and all day long trail patterns being laid in the skies. In my neighborhood of SW Florida we have maximum number of passenger jets in very low numbers. My skies are not heavenly traveled by commercial passenger aircraft. So who owns the planes lingering in my skies all day long and why are they there? Just to waste jet fuel? I think not.

    Pilots Learn about Geoengineering & Chemtrails, presentation by David Lim, UK March 2013

    • I prefer chemtrails as the main meme. We are compelled us to use the term because a large majority in many countries continue to use it. We have little control in changing that because there is no real organization.

      “Chemtrails” continues to be used in over 12 countries around the planet where the word ” geoengineering” or “geo-engineering” is not…and in some cases not even spelled the same way(s). It’s Impossible to get a consensus on a single word, much less convincing everyone to switch memes especially when over 8 languages are involved. * **Also, Geoengineering is a misleading – perhaps even the wrong term.* It’s more than what “geoengineering” implies and has long been officially defined as a _weapons system_ in HR 2977. – not geoengineering.

      The term “chemtrails” is not invented by conspiracy theorist….it was invented by the DoD for US air Force Academy and used again in HR 2977 where it was defined as an “exotic weapons system”…not geoengineering.

      The history of the term “chemtrails” is so strong we would not do well to start ignoring it for the sake of misguided political correctness for the exclusive convenience of English speaking countries.

      Chemtrail protests fail becuase the groups don’t know, or don’t use the science when addressing the TV reporter.

      *The information war will not be won be waving signs and sounding defiant to the camera.*

      Protest groups must be armed with talking points that reference contrail science that quotes official sources and graphics and telescopic video that clearly demonstrate things like 3 trails coming from a 2 engine jet.

      All this is available but seldom used. Instead the TV news stations perpetuate the conspiracy theory accusation by interviewing someone in the climate mafia who is sworn to secrecy and uses plausible deniability to discredit a bunch of disorganized sign-holders armed only with anecdotal accusations instead of best evidence.


    • Is it in an article or is it rumor? Give me a source and I’ll post it.

      Why do you think he agreed to a secret meeting with AIPAC?

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