Operation Overcast in Gainesville, Fl – Chemtrails Operation Documented Reply

I was working outside at my location in Gainesville, Fl from 1100 UTC to past 1500 UTC under overcast skies.  Everything described here occurred over Alachua County Florida and Gainesville Regional Airport (GRA)

The sound of jets operating aggressively above the overcast was evident.  The jets sounded much more like military than civilian jets based on the louder and less noise-abated engine roar.  Aircraft headings based on audible tracking were discerned to be predominantly on two main headings of approximately 180 deg and 360 deg or (North and South).  Little that could be described as east-west traffic was noted.

At 1520 UTC local skies began to clear enough to see north/south oriented chemtrails through a break in overcast allowing capture of this image at 1528 UTC.  Continued clearing of the skies after 1530 UTC was coincident with cessation of audible or visual jet traffic.


1528 UTC: Skies open above GNV to reveal 4 chemtrails

Two disturbing audible events were consistent with rapid change in air speed and/or altitude with characteristic engine “whine”.  My impression is that the stressful engine sounds were associated with an emergency “collision avoidance maneuver” or similar.

TERRA Satellite of Subset 7 and 8 are consistent with what is described above.

Subset 7 is a snaphot of aerosol spraying at 1615 UTC (1215 ET) or 1.25 hours following cessation of jet traffic sounds over Gainesville/ Alachua County. Note that visible trails have drifted to the east.

BOTH_Terra SubSet 7,  8-17-2013
Subset 8 in the Atlantic and East of JAX is a snapshot of conditions 1435 UTC, or more than one hour before cessation of audible operations over GNV.

BOTH_TERRA 8-17-2013 subset 8

GOES-13 Satellite captures events during 8/17 chemtrail assault.  White bursts that are frequently explained-away as “convection” are actually massive aerosol dumps – NOT WATER VAPOR.

At 2300 UTC, more than one military fighter aircraft appeared to be on departure from GRA on approximate heading of 240 deg.  I succeeded on getting a visual on one aircraft but no positive ID.

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