Debunking Mick West and Phony Contrail Science Website 12

Joe Rogan questions Everything header

The SyFy Channel’s Joe Rogan rocked his credibility when he contracted with known Chemtrails disinfo agent Mick West to his show to convince the audience that chemtrails is a conspiracy theory and nothing more than wild speculation.

Mick may have overplayed his hand with repeated and wholesale dismissal of both  Chemtrails and HAARP as “wild speculation”.  Once you get past Mick’s smooth delivery the fish odor begins to come through.   In fact, Rogan later discovered Mick was dead wrong about HAARP as “wild speculation” when he got some scary schooling from Nick Begich.  Rogan’s ultimate dismissal of Mick’s Metabunk’ opinion on HAARP placed a big chink on West’s credibility on geoengineering with chemtrails.  Demand for contracted appearances as “expert witless” could crater now that  Mick’s disinfo track record has plunged to no better than 50%.

It was obvious from the start that Rogan was in charge of a “hit-piece” to discredit geoengineering  activists when he  said Michael Murphy didn’t know what he was talking about.  Never mind that Murphy produced two landmark documentaries that started the current mass awakening of covert aerosol geoengineering.  Rogan’s scripted bias is easily detected.

Poor Joe didn’t get the memo that chemtrails  awakening has already reached critical mass.  The horses are out of the barn and the jig is up, Joe.  No amount of PsyOp from SyFy is going to cause millions of skywatchers to unlearn what they know.

No matter how qualified the guest, Rogan was determined to go on the attack before the interview  even started.

Joe’s adolescent face-making  proved to be a solid forecast that his next guest would receive the tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory, nut-job treatment.

When weather expert Scott Stevens presented hard data on chemtrails, Rogan resorted to camera tricks to undermine Scott’s message with choppy editing and innuendo.  When Joe saw Nibiru artwork in Scott’s office the tin foil smear campaign kicked in to portray Stevens’ as some Nibiru conspiracy nut.



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  5. Dr. Herndon PROVED the substance being sprayed and dumped globally in the earth’s atmosphere is mostly coal fly ash, which is more toxic and radioactive than nuclear waste! Since it was PROVEN to be mostly coal fly ash being used, debating if it’s chemtrails or contrails at this point is absurd. Mick West is obviously a CIA ;psychological warfare disinformation specialist, and he is guilty of being an accessory to genocide and ecocide, so there is a special place in hell awaiting him. West tries to get people in trouble for threatening anti-chemtrail activists, but he is threatening the entire planet with his lies… Most of the “contrails” shown on his (sic) “contrail science” website are actually chemtrails, which have been experimented with since airplanes were first weaponized in WW-I, and it’s gotten progressively worse since then. The full-scale toxic aerosol operations began in 1996/7, and may have started here in the Portland, Oregon area. Evergreen Air (aka: CIA’s “Air America”) was based in McMinnville, just outside of Portland, and there is a secret air force base about 30 miles south of here – south of Estacada, where this area is ‘attacked’t from – this is depopulation warfare and weather-warfare, plus other sinister purposes like mind-control and Morgellon’s disease, etc. The Everlgreen Air R&D work was likely done here, and then aircraft were retrofitted into chemtrail tankers at their larger flight facility outside of Tucson, Arizona. Davis Monthan air force base is in that area, where older aircraft are stored after their military ‘service’ is over, or they get replaced by newer planes. The replaced planes are retrofitted by Evergreen Air at their Tucson facility, and then fly to chemtrail bases all over the planet, including artificial islands made specifically for the purpose. Evergreen Air went out of business a couple years ago, but the evidence supporting my opinion is easily available online. I could be wrong about the global chemtrail operations beginning in this area, but I think this is a good place to start the ending of toxic aerosol operations wether or not it began here. This is the issue which will be the catalyst to spark a peaceful revolution! We can replace the current top-down pyramid of pyramids of control with locally based cooperatives – everything can be managed cooperatively: government, education, banking, health care, farming, manufacturing (guilds), services, etc. Localization is what we need, not globalization. After local cooperatives are formed, they can link together to form a circle of circles of cooperation, which can replace the pyramid of pyramids of slavery we have now. Cooperativism is the solution!

  6. I notice lots of discussion initiated by trolls on whether chemtrails are real, but how about the theory of “persistent contrails”? If persistent contrails are in fact true, this phenomenon should be easily reproducible in a lab given the technology available, especially to outfits like NASA. To the extent of my research, no effort has been made to experimentally justify that persistent contrails are a legitimate phenomenon verifiable by the scientific method. In general, there is no rational scientific or climatic explanation to justify the existence or occurrence of the scrawl in the sky.

    Consequently, the trolls have failed miserably at quelling the conspiracy talk. Anyone with an operational brain interested in the truth will deduce with relative ease that Mick West is an obvious and spineless troll talking out of his hat.

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