The Myth of “Settled Science” is Far More Than Just Al Gore 3


David Talbott’s recent talk at the annual meeting of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, University of Maryland, July 10-13, 2013. Is it possible that the foundational assumptions of the theoretical sciences all express a common misunderstanding—the idea that gravity alone, seen through the lens of general relativity, rules the cosmos?

From cosmology, the “queen of the sciences,” a core dogma of the 20th century filtered down through every discipline, constraining our ideas about galaxy and star formation and ultimately (from the same underlying assumptions) all of the space sciences, infecting our views of earth history and even our sense of what it means to be human.

Dispelling this most common misconception has become the essential requirement for scientific progress.


  1. For anybody believing in Al ‘D’ Gore being their Captain Kirk to lead them into the next millenium and the future as a whole, I have some bad news. Al ‘D’ Gore took one science class in college. It was called “Natural Science” and he got a ‘D’ for all of his work and concern. What this means is that poor Al can barely handle watching popcorn or monitoring water as it comes to a boil before he has lost his train of thought and started digging and scratching at himself. He does, however, understand the benefits of being surrounded by huge quantities of money being within his reach. No, he does not readily share. He has a sprawling home on the California coast right down near the ocean in preparation of ‘Global Warming’, and a 4 deck level yacht on which he plans his best ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Carbon Tax Credit’ scams. i can’t even remember who this idiot ran for president with.

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