FOX News and Discover Magazine Resort To Dim-Witted Solar Science Reply

FOX News Insider and Disover Magazine editor, Corey Powell, used solar imaging from a 15 year old obsolete satellite as blatant fear-mongering. The sensational image was shown to a mostly naive audience to sell a doomsday idea that a huge chunk of the sun was blown off and heading towards earth at 2 million miles per hour.

The satellite of choice is the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) launched on 2/11/2010 – upgraded with superior wavelength detection that does not show the giant black hole that FOX selected as psychological intimidation.

The Sky and Telescope article associated with the FOX News disinfo does not even address the Sun’s so-called “black hole” (coronal hole).
Both liberal and conservative media frequently report fiction as science fact. For example, the Global Warming hypothesis continues to be treated as legitimate even after the hypothesis has been “officially” recognised as false, even by IPCC scientists.

SPACE WEATHER FACT CHECK: Many readers are asking about a report in the Washington Examiner, which states that a Carrington-class solar storm narrowly missed Earth two weeks ago. There was no Carrington-class solar storm two weeks ago. On the contrary, solar activity was low throughout the month of July. The report is erroneous. The possibility of such a storm is, however, worth thinking about: A modern Carrington event would cause significant damage to our high-tech society. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.   (Source – Dr. Tony Phillips)

See Video Debunking Here

The FOX News Solar “Scare” segment

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