Rumors of Banksters Following Alien Agenda for Global Holocaust 4

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Secret Space War VI: Dead Humans by the Millions, the Real Alien Agenda?
Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Secret Space War Patch-CUnless Americans wake up from their slumber and take their country back from Neocon Zionist hijackers and infil-Traitors who appear to be operating according to an Alien Agenda run out of the City of London Financial District, it certainly seems that they are destined to become dead by the millions in the streets, towns and countryside of the land their forefathers conquered and then freed from England’s Colonial tyranny.

And unless stopped cold in its tracks, it now appears that the department of Homeland Security (DHS), the New Amercan Gestapo is now being morphed into a new Bolshevik style American Cheka designed to deploy mass terror and mass murder inside continental America.

And the same goes for the rest of the world, especially Africa, where the first large population of aliens has been rumored from highly placed sources to be planning to migrate to if early reports are accurate.

However, one thing that does seem exceedingly clear is that zionist Central Banksters from the City of London Financial District have been operating according to an apparent “Alien Agenda”.  They have hijacked the USG and America, and are now in the process of building up a super-massive internal police state army and surveillance system which they plan to deploy against average Americans as a Bolshevik-style NWO “Red Terror” Cheka mass-murder machine (just like what happened in Russia in 1917 that resulted in the torture and murder of approximately 66 million Russians).

[Note: This is a long article.  Bold print is provided as main point summaries for those that do not wish to read each part of this article.]



  1. We are aliens, you dummies ! 🙂
    Life comes from outer space or inner space if you believe that for sure.
    We are just prototypes.
    And humanity is not capable to control itself.
    We are destroying earth.

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