Chemtrails Photo-shopped Into Old Movies Plants False Memories 5

The Train Children Photoshop of Chemtrails in 2005 movie trailer-14

This video is only one chilling example of insidiously embedded deceit by a “deep state” government headed for tyranny.  This is the style of mind-control propaganda widely used by Joseph Goebbles,  Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 and his US equivalent, Edward L. Bernays.

This disturbing video from 2005 confirms that chemtrails,  aerosol spraying and weather warfare is not a transient event with a determined deadline.

It should be clear by now that this operation is planned as an indefinite chemical aerosol attack that will continue to be denied by every government agency, congress and White House until disclosure no longer matters.   This deep state, criminal operation signals some form of  “end-time” or “final solution” –  perhaps to render global populations too sleepy and harmless as tyranny is essentially handed to the uber-elite by the flag-waving sheople.


  1. They are also adding new names to cloud classifications Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus formations.

    I can’t find the site but they had a cloud name for the obvious chemtrail line across the sky.

    Don’t know if these are actual names of clouds or new names for man made cloud formations related to geo-engineering but I think the latter: 1. Lenticular clouds? According to Merriam-Webster on-line “Lenticular” relates to lens. Didn’t even mention cloud.
    2. Altocumulus “Undulatus”? Clouds. “Undulatus” doesn’t exist as a word in Merriam-Webster but Wiki lists it as a type of cloud. Go figure.

    • (1) Contrails, (2) Persistent contrails and (3) spreading, persistent contrails are the choices. 2 and 3 require relative humidity so high as to approach water vapor saturation. This condition rarely exists at altitudes where jet aircraft fly at above 30,000 feet. The trolls have invesnted technical lingo about ice crystal saturation to make you doubt your lying eyes. Don’t fall for it. Statistically, the weathersonde data from launched balloons will verify that conditions for persistent contrails rarely exists above 9,600 meters ASL.

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