KDVR TV in Denver Reports 2008 Story on Chemtrails Reply

KDVR FOX 31 Denver header

Interesting video from 2008 shows Joe Golden denying that weather modification programs are active.  He then challenges the KDVR reporter to call the FAA where Golden knows the response will be a total coverup.   Multiple agencies are involved in these projects and operate like secret societies and cults on covert weather modification and weapons programs. – programs that were initiated by NASA in 1966 (source)

In fact, it was Joe Golden who presented the Department of Homeland Security Project “HAMP”  Hurricane Atmospheric Microphysics Program) to the American Meteorological Society in 2010.  Golden claims to be a able make hurricanes either stronger or weaker depending on where the aerosols are sprayed.

Golden officially lets the cat out of the bag when he reports that aerosols are a potent agent in weather modification.  This admission further confirms that one aspect of the chemtrails operation is the covert manipulation of the climate to be sold to the public as “Global Warming and/or “Climate Change”.

Rosalind Peterson – USDA inspector –  spoke to the evidence in public documents that California’s drinking water is contaminated with toxins consistent with what is known to be in the aerosol spraying.

Department of Homeland Security Sets Up Aerosol Weather Modification Program at the same time Golden – then with NOAA – denied any such programs were active.   *** continue


Listen carefully as Golden spills the beans on the effectiveness of aerosols in weather modification

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