History of the Constitution of The United States by Michael J. Badnarik Reply

Comment:  I belong to no political party since Partisan Politics is revealed to be dominated by poisonous and  irrational positions dictated by an Oligarchy of non – US patriots – foreign and domestic.   Neither would I consider becoming an identified “Libertarian” for the same reason –  it’s a political party.  

We could mistakenly consider Michael Badnarik’s Libertarian interpretation to be biased toward hard-right and “heartless” social policies that would abandon people in genuine need through no fault of their own.  In fact, the Constitution – in the interests of minimizing federal authority – refrains from being specific on how to legislate social policy. It’s always the “interpretation” or  “mis-interpretation” of  Constitutional guidelines that produce legislative outcomes that are deemed beneficial or onerous laws.

Since Libertarian viewpoint of  the Constitution has been repeatedly suppressed and even demonized,  it’s time to take a look to see just what corporate media doesn’t want you to know about your Constitution. — HS

Constitution headerMichael Badnarik – Constitutional Scholar

Michael_Badnarik_mugMichael J. Badnarik (born August 1, 1954) is an American software engineer, political figure, and former radio talk show host. He was the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2004 elections, and placed fourth in the race, behind independent candidate Ralph Nader. Two years later he ran as a Libertarian Party candidate in the 2006 congressional elections for Texas’s 10th congressional district seat near Austin. In a three candidate field, Badnarik came in third, receiving 7,603 votes for 4.3% of the vote.

Badnarik’s political philosophy emphasizes individual liberty, personal responsibility, and strict adherence to an originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. All of his positions arise from this foundation. In economics, Badnarik believes in laissez-faire capitalism, a system in which the only function of the government is the protection of individual rights from the initiation of force and fraud. He therefore opposes institutions such as welfare and business regulation. (source)

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