Chemtrails and Geoengineering: The Hard Evidence 4


Richard Feynman

Occam’s Razor is a fundamental method of logic and problem-solving. It states that among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

The principal of Occam’s Razor obligates us to regard the consensus of the observers as plausible. If we can offer no scientific basis to deny the chemtrails “hypothesis”, we must first rule-out the observer’s hypothesis before we can “guess” at a different one. Personal opinions based on social norms does not serve to debunk a hypothesis based on physics. For example, it’s irrelevant to say: “…oh, the government would never do a thing like that”.

Nobel Laureate, Richard Feynman explained the scientific method in clear English in one minute.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the essentials of the scientific method, yet many are willing to respond to a valid hypothesis with emotional denial based on conspiracy panic – a state of denial based on fear of consequences if the hypothesis were proved to be true. (Conspiracy Panic Phenomenon – James Tracy)

USAF_Air-Force-Academy-Chemtrails ManualIn 1999, the US Air Force Academy Chemistry Department used a course manual titled “Chemtrails”. (Download “Chemtrails Manual” PDF)

This 1991 chemistry manual is similar to: “Chemtrails” – ISBN: 0840378246 by USAF Staff and published by: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, May 1992. paperback, 224 pages. The cover depicts two visible trail emissions from an ignited Bunsen Burner – possibly, suggesting a jet engine. The word “chemtrails” appears between the upper and lower “trails”. Also, the course curriculum as described in the video appears compatible with weather modification using plasma ions and related chemistry.

Note: The Bunsen Burner is a common piece of laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame used for heating, sterilization, and combustion.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio introduced a Bill – HR 2977 aka the Space Preservation Act of 2001. The word “Chemtrails” appears in the House Resolution and defined as an “Exotic Weapon”. ***source 

CASE ORANGE REPORT provides conclusive evidence for covert Aerosol Geoengineering.

Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Coen Vermeeren presents an informal peer-review of the 360 page research document “Case Orange” commissioned by the Belfort Group. (Dr. Vermeeren’s Bio)

Dr. Vermeeren agreed with the conclusions of the report with virtual unanimous consensus within the Belfort Group membership …More

DOCUMENTARIES: Why In The World Are They Spraying?: Released in early September, 2012, this is the second documentary exposing a classified global geoengineering program where military and now, civilian jet aircraft release nano-sized heavy metals and other toxins into the upper atmosphere.

The populace term for this global spraying operation is “chemtrails” – a term used in the 2001 language of House Resolution 2977 sponsored by Rep., Dennis Kucinich.

In 2001 Proposed legislation (HR 2977) created a buzz in the Air Traffic Control community. Introduced by Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, this bill called for the peaceful uses of space, and a ban on ‘exotic weapons’ .
Section 7 of the ‘Space Preservation Act of 2001’ sought specifically to PROHIBIT “CHEMTRAILS”. (Source)

Click to See

One agenda of this geoengineering operation is now revealed to be “Climate Modification for Profit” through speculation on energy, crop and commodity futures on the Chicago Climate Exchange. “Derivatives” are alive and well in this commodity futures scheme taken straight out of the ENRON play-book.

The first documentary released in 2010 (What in the World Are They Spraying) reveals how scientists are planning to spray aluminum particles high in the atmosphere to mitigate global warming. Geoengineer, David Keith presented this concept at the 2010 AAAS meeting. See both videos here

But millions of citizens and scientists worldwide have been witnessing this very same operation already in full deployment since the mid-90’s. Much of the evidence is the thousands of Youtube videos uploaded by observers in more than two dozen countries over the past 10 years. (video archive)

Recent evidence reveals that 2 decades of climate manipulation through covert aerosol geoengineering has caused or contributed to the same global warming and drought that the UN/IPCC has falsely warned is caused by CO2.

The loop-hole that allows the IPCC to ignore jet aircraft aerosols (real and man-made) is hidden in the IPCC’s own exemption of impacts to global warming/climate change by private, military and commercial aircraft.

The exemption not only hides the massive impact of CO2 injected into the upper atmosphere by thousands of jet engines – it also hides the deployment of millions of tons of aerosols that are further heating the earth’s climate. (source)

CARNICOM INSTITUTE: This website the work of brilliant researcher, Cliff Carnicom located in Santa Fe New Mexico. Cliff’s many published papers are available in an online research library that continue to provide a science-based conclusion for a covert aerosol geoengineering. This library is essential for anyone doing related research.

GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG: This website is maintained by WITWATS Documentary Producer, Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington and principals of the Mount Shasta Jet Aerosol Geoengineering complaint.

AGRICULTURAL DEFENSE COALITION: This website is the brilliant work of former USDS official, Rosalind Peterson where archives of government documents are cataloged for anyone doing research on aerosol geoengineering and the consequences to agriculture. health, forests, water sheds and earth resources.

HANDS OFF MOTHER EARTH: Hands Off Mother Earth (H.O.M.E) is a global campaign to defend our one precious home, planet earth, against the threat of geoengineering experiments. Join with us to send a clear message to the geoengineers and to governments worldwide that our home is not a laborator

CITIZEN LEGAL ACTION: Long Island, NY – Maui, Hawaii – Mt. Shasta, CA and other local governments are fighting back with legislation to require the Pentagon and/or Congress to provide full disclosure of their aerosol geoengineering operations.


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