Gainesville’s “Talk of the Town” Broadcast Enjoys Huge Success in New Digital Format Reply

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Alex Patton mugStation owners at WBXY pulled the plug on the popular Talk of the Town radio show on Thursday, May 30th.  The details that resulted in a complaint to the FCC are covered  Here.

Show hosts, Jake Fuller,  cartoonist for The Gainesville Sun and local political activist, Ward Scott were taken by surprise – but not for long.

Loyal listeners of the show include business professionals, former WBXY sponsors and digital broadcast specialists unwilling to allow the community talk show to go silent.

Alex Patton provided digital internet broadcast access through his vast communication resources at OZEAN Media.  Supporters and Talk of the Town listeners expressed thanks and amazement that the show would return the following Monday – June 3rd.

TV20 Story HERE

Talk of the Town is providing a long-needed public forum for exchange of ideas,  facts and rumor control.  Even though the show format leans to the conservative “right” many of the most vocal callers are life-long democrats, disillusioned with a liberal City commission voting the wrong way on too many issues.

Among several hot-button local issues is an agreement for the City to allow Gainesville’s public utility (GRU) to enter into what has been determined to be a fiscally irresponsible power purchase agreement with GREC,  a biomass incinerator electricity provider.

Repairing Alachua County’s increasingly dangerous roads is determined by many citizens to be long overdue.  Key County Commissioners are seen as obstructionists to needed road repairs in favor of an exotic agenda to spend millions on a Rapid Transit Bus system.

Gainesville’s Superfund site at Koppers continues it’s long saga of deception and  incompetence where neither the EPA , DEP or local authority has sufficient influence to force the owners to do the right thing.

Go to Alachua Talks for Newsletters and more information.

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