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SUN Station Pulls Plug on Talk of the town

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Talk of the Town, (TOTT) a popular community talk show in Gainesville, Fl  was abruptly taken off the air by future owners unwilling to allow show hosts, Jake Fuller and Ward Scott any more time to discuss the future of their broadcast.   At airtime, JVC had made no offer to either continue the show at WBXY or to move it to another JVC acquired station.

Pending future contract execution date, John Starr technically remained owner of  WBXY when he made a call to pending JVC  CEO John Caracciolo as Jake and Ward discussed the future of the show with fans who phoned in with questions.

Anthony Clark, business editor for the Gainesville Sun wrote an article  in which Jake Fuller alleges that it was he who made the First Amendment error:

Final TOTT  Broadcast Before “out-of-towners”  Pulled the Plug.

Fuller, who also draws editorial cartoons for The Gainesville Sun, said they were told the last straw came when he responded to a caller who asked if it was a liberal plot by saying, “It’s these out-of-state owners that really don’t have a feel for the community, so they’re changing the format.” (source)

The final hour of Talk of the Town” at WBXY came unexpectedly following the first of  what was scheduled to be a two hour broadcast.   The show failed to return for the second hour from noon to 1 PM leaving the audience angered to be listening to an old Red Skelton show.

Fans of  TOTT  sent emails and voice messages to prospective owners at JVC asking them to reconsider.

Ward Scott said that one of the show’s sponsors and others filed a complaint with the FCC.  According to Scott, both he and Jake Fuller were also offered legal representation.

According to their website, JVC Broadcasting was formed by broadcasting veterans John Caracciolo and Victor Canales and is backed by Northwood Ventures.

Northwood Ventures LLC is a Venture capital partnership founded by Peter G. Schiff in 1983.  Schiff’ was previously with  private equity division of E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co and Chemical Bank (now JPMorgan Chase & Co).

Due to vast support for the show in Gainesville and Alachua County, TOTT is scheduled to continue broadcasting on Monday, June 3 at the usual time from 11AM to 1 PM via a digital internet provider.

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