New Images of Boston Bombing Reveals Moulage Kits and Fake Blood 4

Military Moulage header

Boston Bomb Scene Analysis of Moulage Kits

High resolution  photo above was located on FLICKr but soon disappeared along with many others.  I managed to download one image of significant interest as it was captured during the cleanup phase of the exercise.

Two BEN NYE Moulage Kits are seen along with a few mass casualty bags with a characteristic yellow stripe across the end.  One bag appears in the legless Nick Vogt (playing the part of Jeff Bauman). It appears the same bag may also appear in the large photo.

A search for this style bag turns up many, many similar images. This is one example here.


High Res Marathon Bombing Photos


Shameful evidence of altered photographs published by Boston Globe


  1. Ok. I don’t put anything past O and ilk

    What about the three who died?

    Thank you Julane

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

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