Boston Bombing False Flag Carnage Clearly Staged 2

Bauman 2

 “Does a compelling description of a terrorist attack, replete with ‘eyewitness accounts’ of the terrifying scene, and official pronouncements, constitute an actual event?”Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy.

 By Sheila Casey (Special to Truth and Shadows)

The mainstream media story of the Boston Marathon bombing is of Chechen terrorists who unleashed weapons of mass destruction, killing four and wounding 264 in an unthinkable scene of “bodies flying into the street”, “so many people without legs” and “blood everywhere.”

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  1. Harold,
    You people have some very sick minds to accuse the innocent victims who lost limbs at Boston of being actors. You need mental health treatment, Harold. This is real sicko-quality stuff you are into here.
    I pity you and hate what you are doing at the same time. Ok, now you can delete my comment because you feel ashamed.
    Jay Reynolds

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