Deceased Sandy Hook Principal, Dawn Hochsprung Spotted at Boston Marathon 6

Read the Book: Nobody Died At Sandy Hook. It Was a FEMA DRILL to Promote Gun Control

dawn hochsprung spotted at boston bombingReported by THE COUNT.COM

Was the actor who played the part of Dawn Hochsprung at Sandy Hook recognized by a FOX NEWS reporter at the Boston Marathon?

It seemed like just a juicy rumor when we heard that deceased Sandy Hook principal, Dawn Hochsprung was spotted at the Boston Marathon.

It turns out that FOX NEWS may have reported the story then pulled it off the internet with no trace, retraction or apology.  The former link to the story at FOX NEWS INSIDER  is now a [ “404 – Page Not Found”]. 

Additionally,  it appears that the search function of the FOX NEWS site has invoked “content restriction” for anyone searching for “Dawn Hochsprung”.

Finally, her name is captioned as “Donna” rather than “Dawn”.  Could Donna be the actual name of the woman who played the part of “Dawn(a) Hochsprung”?

The plot thickens:

Related news from Newtown announced a team of  runners would be attending the Boston Marathon to pay tribute to those allegedly killed at Sandy Hook:

Newtown Marathon team running to remember Sandy Hook victims.

April 11, 2013:  (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Boston) – “The 26.2 miles of the 117th Boston Marathon hold an emotional significance for one team running this year.

After a moment of silence, Team Newtown Strong will run each mile for each one of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.”  *** More

Early News reported that Boston Marathon mile-marker 26 was dedicated to the Sandy Hook victims.

Fair Use clip – Complete video Here

Snopes could not debunk the story: (Snopes)

Snopes discussion of Dawn Hochsprung at Boston Marathon

Dawn Lafferty-Hochsprung History:   An Intelius report shows no marriage records, even though marriages are public knowledge in Connecticut. A Dawn Lafferty is not shown as married to anyone in Connecticut, although there are some states which may not make such records available.

As the story line goes  Dawn Lafferty (Hochsprung) came to the Newtown area from a different part of Connecticut to become acting principal of Sandy Hook Elementary. At some point unknown she married a man many years her senior, we are told, George Hochsprung, adopting his last name.

Nevertheless, she is a real person, as Dawn Lafferty. Yet, whether or not she was ever truly married to George Hochsprung remains in doubt.  What is certain is that the entire entourage surrounding Hochsprung  is highly politically charged:  they have taken aim directly at the 2nd Amendment and have seemingly made it their goal to undermine it.   (Source)

Dawn Hochsprung’s Fake Marriage – Part 1:  More intrigue as obviously photo-shopped images draw attention to a marriage that appears bogus.

As this Sandy Hook plot evolves further, it simply seems to get increasingly convoluted. Dawn Hochsprung or, rather, Dawn Lafferty, is simply one more fraud among a host of them. It is not possible that she died that day; no possibility that she committed any heroics. There was no blood spilled at that Sandy Hook school, no rescue attempts, no wounded transported, or any other of the multi-faceted standard elements of the response to a fatal shooting. To those who would act as detractors regarding this let them provide even an iota of evidence  that any of the presumed dead really did die.

There wasn’t even any crime scene. Nor were there any detectives on-site. Nor was there any investigation of any kind. If it sounds like a fraud, it is. *** continue

Dawn Hochsprung’s Fake Marriage – Part 2:  Tedious analysis reveals significant image anomalies intended to deceive.


The suit seems awfully big for him. Also, on close inspection there are white blocks of color in and around the carnation.The suit line is exceedingly straight. He does not appear to have his arm around his wife. The right arm has that squiggly appearance of cut-and-paste.

Going to the Photoshop lab an investigation was done. A veteran in the business noticed that the faces, that is the facial expressions, were exceedingly similar in both pictures, though minor differences, like skin color, were apparent. He took the real photos and then made his own, the one in the middle. By altering the color and reduplication of a few teeth he was able to make a virtual exact match for the indoor photo (he altered slightly the outdoor photo). So he simply changed the color, twisted the head a bit, and cloned a few teeth.

Note: altered photo is in the center 

    *** continue ***



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  3. I just received a message that a group sent by a daughter Elliot is seeking $25 dollars to fight the 2nd amendment citing Trump will allow everyone to carry a gun with no background checks.

    • Wild rumors are flying…Trump has no unilateral authority to allow no background checks. Anyone can buy a gun on the vast black market with no background check already. Don’t fall for a scam.

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