Missile Defense Scientist Confirms Boston Marathon Bombing a False Flag 1

Clifford Anthony Paiva  BSM Research

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By Clifford Anthony Paiva – Youtube Channel

Although the missing finger identifies the traitor, it is the prosthetic leg hip attachment…of an individual that the DHS-FBI claims had his legs blown off by a “pressure cooker”… that provides the essential…and primary indictment against the US Department of Homeland Security and its defunct FBI.

Crisis Actors Exposed I

Crisis Actors Exposed II

Crisis Actors Exposed III (Nick Vogt’s Prosthetic Leg Revealed)

Published on May 3, 2013

Apparent Black Ops Murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev


Open Letter to DHS Strategic Operations  from Clifford Anthony Paiva

1. Your work in Boston on 15 April 2013 was implemented with very good effect. However may I suggest?

a. the skin texture used with Vogt has drawn some attention to the reality of its fabrication…more realism in “skin” seems appropriate…

b. the disappearance of one of your actors…specifically the colored woman leaning on a bloodless prosthetic leg bone of Mr. Vogt again elicited some unnecessary attention…

c. PLEASE!…apply the high reflectivity “blood” earlier…as this again drew immediate attention when folks observed the bloodless surroundings subsequent to the squib detonations…

2. Notwithstanding the GW Bush/Dick Cheney/Don Rumsfield perpetrator detonations of NYC-WTCs and Pentagon on 11 September 2001;  and the perpetuation by Soetoro-Obama… of these US Government murders of American citizens…then and ongoing…you may want to re-consider your targets as exclusively Middle East Islamists…particularly since NO FOREIGN TERRORIST HAS EVER ATTACKED THE UNITED STATES.

PS [1]: You realize of course that in supporting US Government-authorized murders of American citizens in the form of perpetuation of the 26 February 1993, 11 September 2001, and 15 April 2013 lies and murders…that Strategic Operations is subject to the charge of TREASONOUS ACTIVITY against the United States. This information regarding Strategic Operations will most certainly be promulgated throughout the 911 Truth infrastructure…you and your associates (Barry, Eric, Bob and Janet) may depend on this.
P [2]: …oh…thanks for not bothering the events at Louisville, KT…very kind of you…Orb and Normandy Invasion are grateful for SO keeping its nonsense “operations” from the Derby…as there are folks in this nation who are doing REAL and HONEST work.


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