Intelligence Officer Says Boston is One of Five False Flags Reply

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Friday, April 26th, 2013 | Posted by

Former Army Spymaster Cites “Bifurcated” Government in False Flag

Yesterday, during a radio talk show hosted by Mike Harris with Dr. James Fetzer and me as guests, Colonel James Hanke, a longtime friend and senior US Army intelligence officer (retired) phoned in. 

Hanke is the highest ranking intelligence official every to admit to false flag terrorism and to speak of it openly.

Hanke, former chief intelligence officer of NATO’s largest command, 3rd Army, former Military Attache to Israel and a recognized leader of the “mainstream” special operations community is still active within the intelligence community.

The interview below is a unique opportunity to view the “sea change” in awareness among senior intelligence personnel as to the breakdown in America’s government and security structure, enough of a “breakdown” to allow organizations to stage attacks, even assassinations, inside the United States.  *** continue

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