Compelling Evidence Blackwater or “Craft” Agents Contracted to Execute False Flag Bombing 6


Proof That “Craft” or Blackwater Agents Did the Boston Bombings

This video shows photographic evidence of how a certain “Craft” a.k.a. Blackwater agent was caught on film prior to the Boston explosions wearing a black backpack with a distinctive white label, not seen on the numerous other black backpacks that were photographed at the scene – this same label detail was found on the exploded backpack which had contained an IED and matches perfectly with the one this agent had been wearing.

Furthermore, this same agent was photographed by another camera running from the scene *without* the backpack he’d been previously photographed wearing.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old, Dzhokhar Tsaraev, excoriated by the mainstream media as the surviving mastermind of the Boston Bombings left the scene of the massacre still wearing his backpack. His family maintains that he and his brother were framed for this bloody attack.

Video (about 6 mins):

Proof That “Craft” or Blackwater Agents Did the Boston Bombings

One blogger, whose name I’ll withhold has suggested that these weren’t primitive molotov cocktails but a test of micro neutron fusion bombs. Otherwise, why would Israeli Police Chief Danino be rushing to the US to advise the FBI and why would several members of our “Craft” a.k.a. Navy Seals 3 & 5 & Blackwater/Xe – (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) agents appearing to be testing for radiation at the Finish Line?

Video (about 34 secs):


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  2. The events seem fishy to me too, but wrong backpack guys. Surveillance shows him wearing a white back pack which one would clearly see if he was still wearing it. Sure thats not just his elbow or shoulder….?

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