AQUIESS INTERNATIONAL INC: Electromagnetic Rainmaking Technology 13

Aquiess global rain project-b

Adapted from a post by investigative reporter Jim Lee

Aquiess David Miles and Mahendra Shah mugs

Aquiess, Inc  WEBSITE  and Youtube Channel

Hi-Tech Rainmaking Technology by Aquiess Inc. (PDF)

Kenya, 11/10/2011:  In one segment, KTNK’s Dennis Okari interviews Aquiess CEO David Miles and Director of International Planning and Communication, Dr Mahendra Shah.  Prior to the KTN interview Aquiess had demonstrated their capability by bringing early rainfall into the drought-declared region at the Horn Of Africa.  The project to “Break the Drought” was announced in Rome on August 18th 2011.

In this statement Dr Shah says:

“We, today undertake to deliver gentle rain within the next 45 days to break and end the drought and in particular extend the coming short rainy season.”

Early rains came in and subsequent anomalous rainfall to deliver better than expected results. The rainy season was also extended beyond the normal period.

Aquiess System not typical “cloud-seeding” with silver iodide:

The Aquiess system can change the course of oceanic atmospheric rivers (AR) by coordinating applied resonance with satellite meteorology.  The electromagnetic resonance of each station is adjusted to “hack” the atmospheric conditions to provide a path of least resistance to allow the AR flow to reach the targeted are of drought or wildfires.  Since more than 90% of rain falls over the ocean, the consequences of steering a tiny amount of this precipitation over land should have little impact.

Unique Aquiess Electromagnetic Rainmaking Technology

Aquiess Ground Station Diagram

In the KTN Kenya interview, David Miles discusses 3 types of weather modification unrelated to the Aquiess technology:

  1. Cloud Seeding with silver iodide
  2. Ionization of the atmosphere
  3. Manipulation of the ionosphere

Aquiess 3 types of weather modification

Ionospheric heater network map revised 11-4-2013

The ionospheric heater located on Long Island, NY provided opportunity to influence the path and intensity of Hurricane Sandy.  It’s public information that the Department of Homeland Security had been experimenting with manipulation of tropical cyclones under their HAMP program (Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program)



    • Attempts to change the climate with electromagnetic weapons and chemtrails has not worked as expected. There is an unexpected resiliency to these weapons that Mother Earth (and Spce weather) shrugged off. This has forced UN climate scientists to back off AGW. — Even worse for them is the probable long solar minimum that could cause a 50 year cold snap starting next year.

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