Chemtrail Planes Observed Prior to Loud Booms Over North Florida 1

4 Jets Spraying chemtrails-C

3/23/2013 Update from Dixie County Observer

ABC affiliate, TV20   in Gainesville reported receiving complaints from all over North Central Florida from people concerned about a pair of loud “booms” a little after nine O’clock Thursday night. (3/21/2013)

A Dixie county weather spotter on Florida’s west coast reported jet aircraft had been spraying aerosols of unknown chemistry most of the day through 9PM Thursday night just prior to the ground-shaking “booms”.   As an experienced observer who once lived near an Air Force base it’s his opinion the booms were NOT created from aircraft breaking the sound barrier.

Saturday, 3/23/2012:  Update from Weather Observer in Dixie County:

“Compass heading, 220-223 SW from my home and over the Gulf seems to be the spot they target and the night spraying has been on the up-tick.  The jets spray an “X” pattern of aerosols and in 30 minutes it has spread out and moved to the east. (over Alachua County and points east) .  Then they start over and repeat the maneuver in the same location to the Southwest.  This goes on all day and often into the night.   On Thursday (3/21) the jets were spraying at unusually low altitude.  The associated “booms” were very low frequency but very loud at the same time with rapid percussions followed by more loud but low frequency rumbles.  I used to live by an Air Force base and I know sound barrier when I hear it and this was not it.   The description of the artificial clouds would most closely fit the description of gravity waves with “white-caps” but they were not normal gravity waves as cataloged by the National Weather Service. “

Satellite images and weather products from NASA satellites confirm the report of significant aerosol dumps over north Florida, Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico.  More significant is the strong electromagnentic resonance associated with the artificial aerosol cloud formations that meteorologists might otherwise call “gravity waves”.

Citizens with property damage claims due to glass breakage or losses related to the man-made concussion could have no recourse since no military or other organization has stepped forward with first hand knowledge of the source of the complaints.

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