NEXRAD Radar Networks and Chemtrails Manufacture “Climate Change” on Demand 3

Chemtrail Whistleblower Allan Buckmann: Some Thoughts on Weather Modification

Published on Mar 1, 2013 at weatherWar101


The Big Picture on Manufactured “Climate Change”


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Artificial Cloud generation locations (approx)

PG 1: 28°37’13.68″N 101°21’24.98″W
PG 2: 29°19’23.94″N 102°31’4.86″W
PG 3: 29°57’54.47″N 103°17’27.52″W
PG 4: 30°40’47.92″N 104°16’51.20″W
PG 5: 29°54’17.43″N 105°58’29.84″W
PG 6: 29°57’34.32″N 107°38’57.33″W
PG 7: 30°34’34.74″N 108°15’27.72″W
PG 8: 32°16’0.14″N 108°25’23.23″W
PG 9: 27°25’35.35″N 101°16’12.62″W

Video Sources:

Winter Storm Rocky Hits the Plains…

Raw Footage Snow Forces Road Closures in Texas Feb 25 2013 Winter Storm ROCKY BLIZZARD…

Floods Spread in South Georgia…

Hacking the Planet Promo…


United States Patent 5003186 for seeding stratosphere with metal aerosol in jet fuel [pdf]………………………


  1. This is where US Code 50 Chapter 32’s subsections on the legal testing of bio and chemical weapons upon the public goes to the covert and Illegal !
    The combination of Aerosols, with the induction of RF-EMF is outside of law… There is absolutely No Law, Code, Statute, or other legal foundation for these Ops testing reaction upon the populous.
    Not even touching upon the Extreme Weather, False Flag aspects of said same…
    P.S. @H.S., Once agin Activist has not published this fact when I have commented upon it. Any idea what is up with that? o…

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