Feb, 2013: Chemtrails Dumps in Gulf of Mexico and North Florida 2

Aerosol Dumps in Gulf of Mexico and Chemtrails Over Florida

Three full days of aerosol aluminum skies continuing into the evening of Feb 22nd.

Intense chemtrail spraying began Wednesday but on Thursday (2/21) the atmosphere became oppressively hazy when aerosols descended toward ground level where we breathe.  The sky was so noticeably infected with aerosols that our local WCJB meteorologist – Mike Potter – described the skies as having a “milky” appearance.  Even the chemtrails that were freshly sprayed by commercial and military aircraft over Alachua County became obscured by the thousands of tons of aluminum haze.

This was not a day for anyone to linger or spend more time outside than necessary .  In the past, I’ve used a high filtration mask while mowing the lawn.

Unfortunately, most of us are not aware that the skies are always infected with aluminum neurotoxins but on many days of intense aerosol spraying the hazard is increased significantly.  Pregnant mothers, asthmatics and young children have no clue that the skies and atmosphere has turned into a huge public health hazard without warning.

The satellite loop in the video below reveals intense aerosol spraying across the Gulf.  Jet aircraft  dump aluminum and barium loads in the western gulf where they’re picked up by the frontal system and carried over Florida and into the lungs and bodies of the unaware.

The involvement of the USAF in spraying aerosols has been documented as early as 1990 when a science manual titled “Chemtrails” was the basis for Chemistry course work at the USAF Academy.   Any chance that the title is a fluke or coincidence is ruled-out when the course content covers many of the same ingredients used in advanced weather modification employing plasma physics and electromagnetic weapons.  (Source) 


2-21-2013 TERRA Satellite


Photos covering 2/20 to 2/22 here


  1. I was watching the skies also Harold. It was horrid that day here In Columbia Co.
    As you know, we’ve only lived here for over 2 years but have never seen such bombarding as the last 6 mo. or so anywhere we have lived when traveling due to my husband’s vocation.

    Husband is working around Greenville NC area, and he said first of this last week they were spraying all day there also.

    I too appreciate your tireless efforts to get the word out and glad to get the blog alerts again. I’ll tweet the heck out of them.

    Have met some people all over the World on twitter and trying to enlighten them also. Alot of people had never even heard about them, naturally, so doing what I can to get word out.

    The recent NASA satelite picture of the trails over Spain and Portugal was very alarming too !

    Take care 🙂

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