NASA Publishes Misleading Article on Persistent Contrail Formation vs. Chemtrails 21

Gore Chemtrails is Conspiracy Theory GW is Real

NASA Didn’t Do Their Homework:

Upper atmosphere conditions reported at six weathersonde stations across Spain on Feb 15th do not support conditions of near saturated relative humidity at flight level necessary to produce persistent water vapor contrails –  aka “long-lived” contrails.

There is no longer any doubt that these artificial cirrus clouds are manufactured and sprayed by military and commercial aircraft but NASA (and a dozen more federal agencies) continue a desperate and deliberate disinformation campaign to persuade the public that geoengineering aerosols are nothing more than normal persistent water vapor contrails.

Atmospheric studies, as referenced in this article, have demonstrated that Cirrus clouds accelerate global warming by trapping infrared radiation in the lower atmosphere,  yet jet aircraft continue to dump tons of aluminum, barium and other aerotoxins into the atmosphere on a vast, global scale.

The more aerosols they spray, the warmer it gets:

We must consider the undisclosed objective of aerosol geoengineering is climate modification to accelerate global warming rather than to mitigate it – to convince the public that we need global governance and carbon taxes to achieve a socialist, central government solution.

It’s apparent that science has been abandoned in pursuit of the $trilliions to be made in the global carbon trading scheme. These windfall profit expectations would evaporate if aerosol geoengineering were disclosed as a driver of Global warming and climate manipulation.

Atmospheric data for 2/15 available at U. Wyoming Here



Criss-Crossing Contrails

Image acquired February 15, 2013 

The condensation trails that form behind high-altitude aircraft, or contrails, are one of the most visible signs of the human impact on the atmosphere. On February 15, 2013, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this view of numerous contrails over Portugal and Spain.

The composition of these long, narrow clouds is virtually identical to naturally-forming cirrus clouds. However, while naturally high levels of humidity cause the clouds, contrails form when airplanes inject extra water vapor into the atmosphere through their exhaust. In order for contrails to develop, air temperatures must be -39°C (-38°F) or below.

The humidity of the air affects how long contrails last. When air is dry, contrails last just seconds or minutes. But when the air is humid, contrails can be long-lived and spread outward until they become difficult to distinguish from naturally occurring cirrus clouds. Satellites have observed clusters of contrails lasting as long as 14 hours and traveling for thousands of kilometers before dissipating; however, most remain visible for only a few hours.

Contrails have an impact on climate. Long-lived, spreading contrails like the ones shown here are of particular interest to researchers because they reflect sunlight and trap infrared radiation. A contrail in an otherwise clear sky reduces the amount of solar radiation that reaches Earth’s surface, while increasing the amount of infrared radiation absorbed by the atmosphere. These opposing effects make it difficult to sort out the overall impact on climate.

However, a group of scientists at NASA’s Langley Research Center have made progress. They have developed a computer algorithm that searches through data from MODIS and automatically distinguishes between natural cirrus clouds and young- to medium-aged contrails. This has made it easier to estimate how much contrails contribute to overall cirrus and cloud coverage. In a study published in 2013, the group estimated that contrails cover between 0.07 percent to 0.40 percent of the sky in a given year. They also concluded that contrails produce a slight net warming effect on the Earth.

There are still problems the researchers are working to solve. “Detecting the older, wider contrails, like many of those in this MODIS image, remains a challenge and we are still unable to estimate their coverage and impact on climate as well as we would like,” noted Patrick Minnis, a NASA Langley scientist.

NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE/EOSDIS MODIS Rapid Response. Caption by Adam Voiland, with information from Patrick Minnis and Douglas Spangenberg.

Terra – MODIS


  1. I honestly don’t care anymore in regards to what parameters there needs to be to provide conditions for the so called persistent contrail. I for one OBSERVE that is the key. Yes I have done weather soundings to check temp and humidity. This is all fun and interesting but lets keep it simple so we don’t confuse the simple minded folks out there.

    When you wake to a clear day and out of the horizon is a Tanker (plane) heading your way under contrail and all the sudden starts to leave a persistent trail which is usually a few miles long. This starts and ends and sometimes even is intermittent. Then about 2 minutes later another tanker shows up doing the same but this one lays trail in a different area. Then another shows up and so on and so on. Until all of the sudden they stop coming. What happened did the flights just level off or did the planes stop flying ??

    Now we are left with a sky full of graffiti I don’t know about you guys but I’m almost fifty and never recall seeing this crap in the sky. Why is it that when we have a clear day and these guys sometimes in droves are heading out to the West or East under contrail only to open up the aerosol’s once they get to the target area. What is the target area you ask easy that is where all the others have been dumping. At sunset they really stand out as dark gray smokey aerosols litter the sky. Reminds me of the smog over NYC in the old days.

    All anyone has to do is observe KISS keep it simple stupid. Forget the science truth is it’s usually manipulated in there favor anyway. So keep an open mind and look up. Note after a few months you will notice a pattern. You will even be able to tell the tankers just by there contrails coming in. Note the sun-dogs and halos along with other anomalies in the sky when the aerosols start to disperse or spread covering out once beautiful skies.

    Dan from New Jersey. by the way lots of younger folks know what is going on as well as lot’s of the older folks.So FU to the shills and trolls out there that post. Take your BS and shove it. You may fool some but not all. We have you outnumbered already. So good luck pushing your dis information. People need to take notice and spread the word.

  2. We have over criminalization of people living in our country by the governments operating within our country, to violate, harass, brutalize, torture, and lock up as many people as they can get away with. This is a fact. That’s a major problem we have in our country.

  3. This latest post on Watts Up With That;
    Another geoengineering idea – gaming coalition modeled
    Posted on February 22, 2013 by Anthony Watts
    From the Carnegie Institution comes a nutty consensus type idea, modeled in game-theory, implemented by an equally nutty future coalition.

    Geoengineering by coalition

    Washington, D.C.—Solar geoengineering is a proposed approach to reduce the effects of climate change due to greenhouse gasses by deflecting some of the sun’s incoming radiation. This type of proposed solution carries with it a number of uncertainties, however, including geopolitical questions about who would be in charge of the activity and its goals.

    New modeling work from Carnegie’s Katharine Ricke and Ken Caldeira shows that if a powerful coalition ever decided to deploy a geoengineering system, they would have incentive to exclude other countries from participating in the decision-making process. Their work is published by Environmental Research Letters and is available online.

    Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal, oil, and gas have been increasing over the past decades, causing the Earth to get hotter and hotter. Large volcanic eruptions cool the planet by creating lots of small particles in the stratosphere, but the particles fall out within a couple of years and the planet heats upagain. The idea behind solar geoengineering is to constantly replenish a layer of small particles in the stratosphere, mimicking this volcanic aftermath and scattering sunlight back to space.

    “Attempts to form coalitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have repeatedly hit the wall, because it’s difficult to get everybody to participate in a substantive and meaningful way,” Ricke said. “Members of coalitions to reduce emissions have incentives to include more countries, but countries have incentives not to participate, so as to avoid costs associated with emission reduction while benefiting from reductions made elsewhere.”

    But a game-theoretic model developed by Ricke, Caldeira, and their colleague Juan Moreno-Cruz from the Georgia Institute of Technology showed that when it comes to geoengineering, the opposite is true.

    Smaller coalitions would be more desirable to the participants, not less, because those members could set the target temperature to their liking without having to please as many parties. Likewise, countries that aren’t included in the coalition would actually want to join so that they could move the thermostat, so to speak, in the direction that better suits their interests. Since the costs of geoengineering are so much lower than mitigation, once a coalition has formed and has successfully implemented geoengineering, it would have an incentive to exclude permanently other willing participants.

    “My view, aside from any technical result, is that it should remain a central goal to maintain openness and inclusiveness in geoengineering coalitions, so that all people who want a voice in the decision-making process are able to have that voice,” Caldeira said.

    I posted this and see if they will post it;

    Already posted this but please oblige me as it is pertinent to this thread. The scientists implicated in this endeavorer can be found easily with a few google searches on the Internet. I changed the word meme to “Geo-Engineering” in months past so it would get past the “Chemtrail” word filters. It worked!

    NASA admits Geo-Engineering raises the temperature of the planet. Why in the face of global warming are they continuing to try to raise the temperature of the planet with Geo-Engineering?
    NASA Publishes Misleading Article on Persistent Contrail Formation vs. Jet Contrail Chemicals

    Geoengineer David Keith describes aluminum properties that are preferable to that of sulfur for use as an aerosol.

    Aluminum as Aerosol Geoengineering Agent

  4. Why are you on this page? just to talk shit about the writer? Government hack, trolling around talking shit about subjects you have no clue about!!

    • I checked his IP address. Ross Marsden is probably a fake ID issued to trolls by the spooks. One troll can have 10 fake ID’s. Some of them misspell the same words…busted.

      • No, Harold, Ross Marsden is a genuine ID. You can Google my name (with New Zealand because there are others with my name in the US, etc). You will find that I am real, and that I have a bit of meteorological gravitas, and local infamy among the chemtrail community.
        Thanks, in advance, for your apology.

  5. No, Harold, Ross Marsden is a genuine ID. You can Google my name (with New Zealand because there are others with my name in the US, etc). You will find that I am real, and that I have a bit of meteorological gravitas, and local infamy among the chemtrail community.
    Thanks, in advance, for your apology.

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