Chemtrails and Advanced Weather Modification Used as Carbon Tax Extortion – “Pay Up or Suffer Drought” 5

Marc Mareno from Climate Depot reports Obama is poised to give Globalist Banksters financial control of the climate.

Bypassing the entire US Congress, the fast-track implementation of a whopping $14 Trillion Carbon tax is a global climate protection racket where winners and losers will be based on their ability to pay. 

Monetizing the climate is an economic paradigm change that requires departure from the Keynsian model due to a forecast reduction in male fertility and global population beginning as early as 2050.  In 1961 the rate of population increase began to slow even while total population numbers appeared to skyrocket.

Rulers of our New World Order of “Owning The Weather” and the environment can enjoy great wealth even as the population declines and less demand for goods and services takes effect as reflected in the GDP.  The Earth becomes a “Monsanto plantation” for a shrinking population required to pay a protection fee for climate that will yield crops and prevent “avoidable “catastrophic weather and seismic events.

Without understanding the draconian motive for weather weapons technology,  Mark Mareno is puzzled that anyone would believe a carbon tax could reverse global warming/climate change.  But the larger agenda becomes evident when we understand how weather weapons are used to coerce cooperation at the top levels of world governments.



Let the Blackmail Begin:  With Chemtrails, HAARP, ionospheric heaters and Tesla climate modification weapons installed all over the planet, enforcement of carbon tax collection is ready to begin.

Although he only hinted at the notion of weather weapons extortion, Mareno savvy enough  to use all the available evidence to expose UN/IPCC’s fraudulent conclusions on the CO2 version of Global Warming.  In case it went unnoticed, the warmist propaganda has moved away from CO2 because the hypothesis has never fit the observations. (Carlin)  and new data that points to aerosols and solar activity as far more powerful climate drivers than was previously understood.

Reacting to the accumulating data proving a failed AGW hypothesis, the IPCC has now stopped using only “CO2” to provoke alarm.  Today the propaganda of climate fear is based on “extreme weather” – a description that could signal a tacit admission of a coordinated and advanced Climate Modification program capable of climate mayhem for those who fall behind on their carbon payments.

Despite the synchronized chorus of federal agency denial of geoengineering aerosols (chemtrails), NASA documents clearly establish that a program of climate modification has been under joint military and federal agency development since 1963.  NASA

The goal of weather modification was made formal following the 1958 announcement that our military was having success in weather modification by focusing powerful beams of electromagnetic radiation to heat Earth’s ionosphere (ionospheric heater)  (

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security’s Operation HAAMP demonstrated the powerful effects of aerosol dumping to manipulate the intensity and track of tropical cyclones.  The DHS’s precision steering that brought Hurricane Sandy ashore in one of the most vulnerable coastlines in America was a demonstration to world leaders that they had better start finding a way to convince their citizens to tolerate a carbon tax to avoid suffering the economic consequences of lost crops, drought, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The aerosol geoengineering of Hurricane Sandy was witnessed and recorded by numerous observers who posted their independent findings on blogs and youtube videos.  Meanwhile federal agencies double-down and continue to deny the existence of a global aerosol operation in plain sight over three continents. The electromagnetic forces that interact with the aerosols remain relatively invisible except when aerosols are visibly deformed into what something visually approximating what meteorologists call a gravity wave.


 Electromagnetic induction by conductive aerosols mimics “gravity waves”

Chemtrails Thumbprints-ab-HARP modulated

Climate Weapons Trumped With Changes in Space Weather

Scientists continue to merely scratch the surface on understanding how the Universe, our Galaxy and solar system work to effect changes on Earth.

While the so-called  “Masters of the Universe” have been developing Tesla and related scalar technologies to secretly monetize the climate here on earth,  Mother Nature has quietly developed her own galactic sized weapons of mass destruction.

Electromagnetic Changes in Our Solar System Causing Major Changes on Earth

To begin with – our magnetic North pole is racing  toward Russia at about 37+ miles a year.  Research from 2009 suggests the Earth’s magnetism is changing due to an unexplained “plume” of molten magnetic material moving within the earth’s core.

Magnetic North Pole shift since 1900 Art
Following centuries of no significant migration, scientists began tracking the pole location in 1931.  In 1904 it began to move at 9 miles/yr.  In 1989 it accelerated again and in 2007 the pole was calculated to be racing toward Siberia at an astonishing 37 miles/yr.

A chronic period of declining radiated energy from the Sun has caused Earth’s atmosphere to enter a state of “collapse”.   The last solar minimum lasted for a very long time.  The eventual rise to a solar maximum proved to be anemic and is now forecast to remain weak before falling back into another solar minimum.

But the current solar maximum has turned out to be scarcely better than a continued solar minimum due to a mysterious phenomenon that goes far beyond mere coincidence.

As those potentially nourishing sunspots turn toward Earth to shower our planet with plasma they have (for reasons unknown) repeatedly faded out and failed to send plasma to revive our collapsing atmosphere. So, in many ways the earth has remained in virtual solar minimum since 2008.

Add to that the long period of decline in rate of solar flare activity beginning circa 1997 when the solar flare index departed downward from sunspot observation and solar irradiance.  (below)


One of the most notable recorded periods of weak solar activity is called the “Maunder Minimum” where astronomers observed very low sun spot activity over 70 years between 1645 and 1715.   This period is often referred to as the Little Ice Age when Europe and North America were gripped by bitterly cold winters.

Mandaur Minimum graph

Today, we have sophisticated satellites and instruments to detect changes from Earth’s near space environment to the edge of the heliosphere and beyond.  In 2007 planets in our solar system were found entering their own period of “global warming” without the help of CO2 here on earth.

♦ Russian scientist says that, changes in the sun’s heat output can account for almost all the climate changes we see on both planets.” Source  

♦ “Earth is heating up lately, but so are Mars, Pluto and other worlds in our solar system, leading some scientists to speculate that a change in the sun’s activity is the common thread linking all these baking events”  Source

NASA Dec. 16, 2008 Unexpected Giant Holes in Earth’s Protective magnetic shield. “THEMIS discovered a breach in Earth’s magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist.”  More

When we follow the money ($14 Trillion in phony carbon credit-default-swaps) the bias in scientific research and data reporting is justifiably under suspicion.  Add to that the cold and hot political history of global warming, most recently the East Anglia “Climate-Gate” scandal that the warmists contend really amounts to nothing (?)  This, followed by IPCC lock-step denial that the SUN and unknown unknowns of electromagnetic influences could possibly have anything to do with climate warming.

With a $14 Trillion dollar cash prize at stake, it literally pays for the banksters to deny anything that would get in the way of you paying a CARBON TAX to save their planet.

So , in the short term, why would beneficiaries of monetizing the climate care if the tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes are a result of changes in the solar system rather than their own Chemtrails and Tesla weapons?   For a while, disasters that are not “planned” simply add to the fear of extortion.

But if Space Weather becomes more unstable it may not be  possible for the climate thugs to provide adequate protection for even their best “customers” due to, perhaps, an unscheduled 8 hour bombardment of gamma rays or a 70 year repeat of another mini ice age like the Maunder Minimum.

Is it getting warmer of not? If you trust the agencies reporting the numbers, the PPM of CO2 is rising.  When you learn that agencies have been fudging their reports to favor “warming”, then it becomes difficult to trust the numbers. 

For example:  In the 9/11 cover-up the science was completely corrupted by what the public considered to be a premiere agency and well worth supporting with our tax dollars.  But the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) continues to participate in the coverup with glaring evidence of science fraud – even as Obama claims to be committed to a return to scientific integrity.  

With a $14 Trllion prize for the stakeholders in carbon trading, there’s less reason to believe the integrity of the scientific method has returned to any one of our federal agencies.

It’s my opinion the weather modification programs have been behind schedule relative to the IPCC ‘s AGW agenda.  It could appear to some that climate weapons deployment is way ahead of schedule considering the 20 years of chemtrails spraying.  Now that the electromagnetic weapons components are finally installed and networked the evidence is recently showing rapid arctic ice melts.  But despite the new data, the CO2 hypothesis still cannot be supported. In fact the recent rapid warming has out-paced the rise in CO2 by such magnitude as to point to high energy, non-GHG sources to account for recent arctic ice melts that occur relatively overnight.  A combination of chemtrails, Tesla coils, ionospheric heaters and land-based radar interferometry stations are now in place to accelerate the weapons induced climate change sold by the UN/IPCC as a buildup of GHG’s from the industrial age.

We can see through this Orwellian mind game by pulling a bit of amazing history out of the memory hole back when huge geoengineering projects were proposed to deliberately produce “Global Warming” that would melt arctic ice.  It’s important to realize the marketing of gigantic events like “Global Warming” can  go either way depending on the spin and propaganda.  Take a look below at Global Warming back when the public thought it was a great idea.

After WWII one proposal to warm the arctic included the  detonation of atomic bombs and deliberate destruction of the ozone layer using atmospheric chemicals. – Sound familiar?  Some of these events are taking place right now but promoted by the IPCC as dangerous and expensive “Climate Change”,  Boo!  Source


Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology 

Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate —  Continue


DHS Aerosols


Geoengineering Drives Climate Change:

Dark World of Environmental Warfare

Case Orange Conclusive Evidence:

Secret Climate Change Agenda

1963 Gov.  Documents Link Global Warming to Federal WX Mod Agenda



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