Chemtrails and HAARP Connection to Polar Shift and Electromagnetic Changes in Our Solar System 2

Chemtrails Block Profound Human Connection to the Sun

Youtube Channel operator Suspicious Observers” (S0) is a skilled Space Weather reporter.  Famous for his 3 minute updates on planetary alignments, earthquake watch, solar flares and the health of Earth’s atmosphere, S0 has attracted an audience 60,000 subscribers including astrophysicists, astronomers and even NASA scientists.

Occasionally S0 publishes a video overview explaining his interpretation of events on which NASA is not yet willing comment.

This 12/9/2012 video was released three days before the 12/12 Mayan Calendar doomsday forecast. 

S0’s observations are startling – including his question to NASA about the secret chemtrail spraying.  

In this video S0 includes a segment showing heavy chemtrail spraying over his own neighborhood in the northeast USA.






  1. chemtrails reflect solar radiation, and the reduction in utility consumption for air conditioning more than offsets expense of chemtrails. Also, chemtrails provide a way to observe the effects of haarp, because other nations use haarp technology, and chemtrails allow observation of where haarp beams are targetting and originating from.

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