Sandy Hook and 9/11: Anti-terrorism Exercise Drills Are Invitation to “Live” Terrorist Events 1

Crisis Actors header

Bush Desert Storm




Jaco-Rochelle CNN Gulf War

 “Laural & Hardy” CRISIS ACTORS

During George H.W. Bush’s 1991 Gulf War, CNN would broadcast phony “live” coverage from Saudi Arabia day after day and the TV audience never suspected a thing.

It was no secret to media insiders that Jaco and crew never left the CNN studio but corporate media conspired to keep this deception a secret by agreeing not to “investigate”  their own lies.

Nobody watching TV could imagine that Jaco, his crew, the CNN anchor and even Wolf Blitzer were laughing and joking about reporting phony neews  behind the backs of  millions of American taxpayers.

In 2013 this media deception is much more sophisticated.  Today, the Crisis Actor industry flourishes with their alleged mission to provide “realism” in drills and exercises for first responders.

But like 9/11 and Sandy Hook, these practice drills go “live” and deadly when unexpected “actors” show up to terrorize and kill by taking advantage of all the confusion of what was supposed to be an exercise to prevent terrorism.


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