Geoengineer, Ken Caldeira Says: “The government often lies to us” 2

mauro-oliveira-mugMauro Oliveira is currently producing investigative radio shows with Small World He is also a co-founder of Geoengineering and helped establish the pitch and pace of the anti-geoengineering movement by meeting the geoengineers head on in San Diego at the AAAS meeting in 2009. Geoengineering took off by exposing Ken Caldeira, David Keith, BIll Gates and others as merely privatizing the secret global chemtrail program.

Geoengineer, Ken Caldeira Youtube Response to Oliveira’s Video in December 2012.


“Mauro, I share your concern about the environment and agree with you that the government often lies to us. I like your delivery style and video production. However, you have drawn false inferences from a few facts. For example, when I was at Lawrence Livermore Lab, I told them that I did not want a security clearance because I am a blabbermouth and want to be able to speak freely about what I know. I run climate models and study coral reefs. I believe we share the same goals. Best, Ken Caldeira”




  1. Again thank you Mr. Saive for all you do helping to spread knowledge about Geoengineering /chem trails…thank you, thank you..
    Deborah Marlow

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