Contrail Science Reveals Jets Are Spraying Aerosols – Not Contrails 5

4 Jets Spraying chemtrails-C

Chemtrails From QFA64 – Quantas Boeing 747



We have seen the anomalous “tail spray” before.  A previous video showed an aerosol “leak” from beneath a 2-engine AIRBUS.  The high powered telescopic lens revealed the leak actually originated near the wings and under the belly of the jet.

For most observers, the aerosols only become apparent when they exit the tail area to contrast with the sky.  The aerosols  in the 747 appear as normal water vapor contrails even while the leak is seen leaving a third jet trail.   It’s likely the aerosols had been shut off leaving normal contrail emissions from the engines while aerosol compounds continued to leak from the location under the belly of the 747.

The video below shows aerosols leaking from an AIRBUS.   Aerosol leaks from two jets suggest an engineering defect in the storage tank that begins to leak when the jet climbs to high altitude where outside pressure is so low as to cause the pressurized aerosol tank to “leak”.   It could be that the aerosol system was mistakenly designed for sea-level stresses without regard for dynamic stresses at normal flight levels above 29,000 Ft. AGL.

These mysterious orbs are being recorded more frequently in recent years.   My contact on the Florida West Coast (Dixie County) said the orbs remind him of honey-bees feeding on the jet trail emissions, then darting to feed on a second or third trail sprayed by a different jet. Coincidently we have located a probable NEXRAD radar station located within 5 miles from where these orbs are “operating”.

Three Contrails From a 2 Engine Jet?



  1. The orbs are called class 2 UFOs but are spirit entities. Nothing to be afraid of and they can’t hurt you unless you invite them to interact with the spirit energy you have contained within your DNA. See Marco Rodin Vortex Mathematics for an explanation of the DNA spirit energy.

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