PHOTOS: 12/23/2012 Gainesville and North Florida Skies 4


12/23/2012 Aqua Satellite MODIS Subset 7


Total of 19 Images with Captions – Click to the right HERE

Aqua Satellite image reveals persistent jet chemtrails and aerosol dumps of artificial clouds

A Cold front had just passed leaving low relative humidity from ground level to above 40,000 feet.  Although conditions for persistent contrails were impossible, the skies over the region of north Florida was smothered in Artificial aerosol clouds. Aircraft leaving endless length chemtrails were flying in the same airspace as commuter jets leaving normal contrails of water vapor.

Upper Atmosphere Humidity and Conditions:   Weathersonde data from JAX, TAL and TPA for 12/23/2012 report relative humidity at flight levels above 30,000 was below 35% RH  at every station.

Conclusion:  The persistent contrails in these photos contain aerosol chemicals  in addition to any water vapor that may be present.

Source: U. Wyoming


  1. The spraying days are at least four times a week and always on Sundays. I live in North Florida and I’m on a solar power system so I’m very conscious of the filtered sunshine. We photograph daily.

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