Sandy Hook Massacre Linked to Department of Homeland Security Exercise 36

DHS and AR-15 Assault Rifle

The Connecticut Department of Homeland Security’s website contains information in on Sandy Hook residents two year participation in specialized Department of Homeland Security HSEEP training drills.   The location of the drills was nearly at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

If this was a false flag, it was two years in the making and may explain how Sandy Hook appeared on a map in the Batman movie scene.

The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) is a capabilities and performance-based exercise program that provides a standardized methodology and terminology for exercise design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning.  The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) constitutes a national standard for all exercises. Through exercises, the National Exercise Program supports organizations to achieve objective assessments of their capabilities so that strengths and areas for improvement are identified, corrected, and shared as appropriate prior to a real incident.

To learn more about the HSEEP program, click on the About HSEEP tab above.

The HSEEP is maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Preparedness Directorate, Department of Homeland Security.




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  3. I think you are writing way more into it than need be . the HSEEP (pronounced “H” “seep”) is a very basic, innoculous training on how to write an exercise plan….lots of paperwork and forms in the training. Nothing hands on, or specific is delivered at this level of training. And believe me, after the training, most agencies are no where near prepared to WRITE a plan.

    • The link to Homeland security only means that “cooperative”personnel were available to facilitate access of a death squad or terrorist group. We now know through police radio recordings that 3 more suspects were apprehended at the school. As usual, the media has been ordered to stay silent about this event probably because it destroys the myth of the “lone nut”.

      • I did see an interview with a witness that they did immediately after the shootings. The man said 2 men dressed in cammy pants and dark coats fled from the school into the woods and that the cops had one of them in their car as a suspect.

  4. Maybe that is all this really is, a drill, and the whole thing is a hoax. Maybe there were no children killed at all, but only a massive deception.

    • If any children were actually missing, they could have been hauled off to traffickers….The forensic evidence is worse that weak – it’s a lie. We have not heard the last of this. Pro Gun rights groups will probably take this case to court. If they don’t, we know the fix is in and “WELDED”….keep following the item to see if Sandy Hook is challenged by the NRA etc.

  5. So, let’s see – a father of a victim who is laughing and smiling right before he asks the reporters if he should “just read what’s on the card?” right before he works himself into a distressed state by hyperventilating; a “coroner” dressed in a white doctor’s coat (makes him look all doctor-like) who says a “long rifle” weapon killed the victims when Lanza’s body was reported as being found with 4 handguns. Meanwhile the assault rifle was in the trunk of the car. No parents have seen the actual bodies of the victims, even at the funerals, just photos, The narrative about taking away semi-automatic weapons started immediately, complete with the prez wiping away crocodile tears that he had to poke himself in the eye to manufacture just before he states he’s “going after assault weapons.” All the footage I’ve seen on this massacre looks manufactured, even to my untrained eye. IMHO – this tragedy never happened, they just used film from a training exercise at the school two years earlier and put it out there as if it just happened. In Connecticut, no one’s talking, so we have to wonder how much in taxpayers’ dollars *that* cost us. The election was just as rigged as this shooting, and anyone who believes otherwise really are HSEEP.

      • Chief of Police Captain states that one child survived from room that all were killed she played dead supposidly.

      • I can’t tell the actors form the victims…one kid said he was hiding under a desk when he allegedly saw the killer’s “boots”. Was Lanza wearing boots? We may never know unless NRA or ACLU steps in to sponsor an investigation. If neither organization rises up to challenge this event…you will know that someone has already cooked and eaten your goose.

      • The Chief Medical Examiner could not answer the press many questions including how many girls and how many boys were victims. This rampage happen through 3 room , not the full school! So a checking of the scene by the authorities is not a long venture.Now the story has changed that there was smoke in all the hallways! Sounds like the Movie theatre! The Medical Examiner see’s all paper work and he is not prepared hours later to be questoned at a press conference. Has no idea how many bullets used and what the actual count was by gender?
        The Nurse put herself into a closet for 4 hours after the shooting? She did not have a cell phone with her? No one came into the room and announced “Everything OK Now”???We don’t even know of the head count that day was early in school day so an administrator could be home and not go to school.

      • Yep…Lots of brazen lies flying around. Litmus test for NRA is whether they follow up on the knowledge there is no AR-15 in official custody plus the rest of the lies.

      • Facebook is blocking many accounts today!!!!The list of weapons to be banned is very long… eviedently thios will all happen by executive order.
        What kind of Freedon of Information needs to be filed for Sandy Hook?

      • If it’s made retro-active they have an excuse to raid existing paramilitary groups holding thousands of semi-automatic and automatic arms inside the US. — As a result, we’re likely to see AK-47’s and grenade launchers smuggled into the country as the Feds crack down.

    • This is A MIND CONTROL TEST ON ALL OF US. Who of us will drink the koolaid and believe this was done by a 110 lb almost man intravert.
      A militery style killing of very young children. They are doing a test now to see if they can mezmirise the public to not have any questions. They hate questions. Where are the CCTV videos from Sandy Hook School!!!If the American Press won’t do what they are suppose to do then get the Press from outside USA to ask the questions. We need answers!!

      • Questions are simply ignored….The feds are operating in a Parallel universe or a movie script with Congress and DOJ. They only communicate between each other. Congress ignores the activists with evidence (like 9/11) to pass the Patriot Act.

        Members of Congress who had doubts about 9/11 voted for the Patriot Act anyway so as not to look “unpatriotic”. The agenda of the banksters who control the Feds in DC and News sources will simply pass laws to restrict the public using the plausible deniability provided by the complicity, spin and non-reporting the corporate media.

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  7. Where is the CCTV from the Sandy Hoook School, no one talking?? Its very simple show us all videos. And where is the security videos from Nancy Lanza’s house. He driveway secluded , as all in that neighborhood have small woods nesxt each house drive. she would have surveilence video. We need to know what really happend that day, who drove the car , who many people. Why was the medical examiner not answering questions regarding how many bullets used? and even detered to otehr questions? Too mmany questions that answers in this case. and some answered seems to have comes ad time goes by to change to guve an answer!!!! Ask Questions Demand Answers!!!!!

  8. What is truly AMAZING is how easily american people are fooled. I live in a third-world country, full of ignorant people, but I don’t think we would have been so easily led to believe in such a badly performed and terrifying INSIDE JOB. Maybe all the “technology” made you, americans, mistake images for reality, and think that both things are one and the same. I mean, it LEAPS TO THE EYE that the so-called “official version” is a pack of lies, a confusing story full of misinformation, that CHANGES all the time – someone is DELIBERATELY arranging all THIS! I personally do not think that boy killed anyone – I think he was killed, and so was his mother, to make this horror story “palatable”to 200 million morons – a.k.a. the “american people”, who will believe, no offense meant, in ANYTHING. I mean, you should have learned by now, what with Kennedy’s assassination and 911, with its three towers falling down by “magic” – the tower 7, mainly, was such an obvious demolition … I know it must be awful to KNOW there are such “schemes”, and OBVIOUSLY your president is NOT who he says he is – so please, DO SOMETHING about it! May God SAVE America, that’s all I have to say. I pray for you everyday.

    • I agree. Our family tree began in the USA in 1922 when my Great Grandfather left Belgium for more lucrative Biz ops in USA…although he was also interested in New Zealand at the time.

      We didn’t kill any American Indians but my intolerance for corrupt government and finance fraud is “inherited” from the many family stories around the events of WWI when Woodrow Wilson sold out (for re-election) to the Banksters to pass the Federal Reserve and IRS Acts in 1913. Wilson ran on no involvement in WWI, but changed his mind when the Banksters cashed in on their investment to provide “financial support” for “combat murder” with worthless fiat currency. Today, the FED is the largest single owner of properties in the US. See the article.

  9. Not being an american citizen – as I said, I live in another country – I can do NOTHING, except give you my solidarity. You are on the TERRIBLE path of being totally CONTROLLED: it’s not just “gun control”, it’s TOTAL CONTROL, with capital letters. Your president, for example, NEVER showed you his birth certificate: what you saw was THE IMAGE of “a birth certificate”- nobody EVER saw the thing ITSELF! It is appalling to see that, for you, the image of something is “the same thing” as the thing itself – you are not able to perceive the difference anymore! What is HAPPENING there in America?

    • I agree…We deeply researched the birth certificate issue to discover that all those/right-wing nut-job conspiracy theorists/ ARE RIGHT!…and there’s much more.

      The Media exists in a complete vacuum – insulated from reality by NSA/CIA order. How much longer can they keep up the puppet show? …..MSNBC network in America is viewed as the bastion of democratic, progressive viewpoint with Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes and other talented utopians. Their facile minds, however are instruments of betrayal when they are only allowed to speak inside the vacuum of gagged gatekeeping to mislead their over-fluoridated audience.

  10. Just read in our local paper today that there is a Department of Homeland Security training session called “Crisis Management for School Based Incidents” planned for my child’s school on Feb. 20th. I got a knot in my stomach when I read that. I will not be sending my child to school that day! It’s terrible when we are left with such little faith in our leadership that we believe they could possibly put our children in danger. While I want them to be prepared, I don’t trust the Dept. of Homeland Security and wish a state based agency would run it instead.

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  12. A DHS Handbook was leaked on this vid and shows the eery similarities; down to the water bottles, tents and a statement in the handbook that “the following procedure should be used in case of a real emergency DURING THE EXERCISE”. That’s akin to our President coming out and giving a speech on what we should do if we are under threat of invasion by another country.

  13. i find it funny that all of the interviews with parents that have come out are not really good acting, they seem as though nothing has hapened to them in the last couple days. one thing i have to say is that if this iss a hoax i can not trust the government anymore. i mean does obama not realize that he now has photos all over the internet of him holding emillie parker? what are we supposed to think of our president now, especially now that he just got reinaugurated.

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