No Assault Rifle Found at Sandy Hook Massacre 139

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UPDATE:  Sandy Hook Massacre Linked to Department of Homeland Security Exercise  HERE

Update: Substantail evidence for 3-4 shooters and connection to LIBOR scandal Evidence  HERE

A late night video shows police destroying forensic evidence when they handle and eject rounds from a loaded firearm located inside the trunk of a car that was presumably driven to the scene by murder suspect, Adam Lanza.

If the AR-15 remained in the car as reported by CBS News, Pete Williams as told to him by federal and State authorities, it could not have been used as the murder weapon.   If the firearm found in the car was not a Bushmaster AR-15 we must consider that this assault rifle, allegedly owned by Lanza’s mother,  was never at the crime scene.

If .223 bullet casings were found in the school how did authorities know for sure they were fired from Lanza’s Bushmaster AR-15 belonging to Lanza’s mother if the gun discovered in the trunk was a shotgun?

More baffling is that the car trunk was opened hours after authorities had already confirmed they found a Bushmaster AR-15 in the car.

If .223 shells were found at the scene along with the arrest of 2-3 suspects who else could have been firing an assault weapon inside the school?

From ABC News:

“A Sig Sauer handgun and a Glock handgun were used in the slaying and .223 shell casings — a round used in a semi-automatic military style rifle — were also found at the scene. ” (Bushmaster AR-15 was not specifically mentioned)

“…However, federal authorities cannot confirm that the handguns or the rifle were the weapons recovered at the school. “

From CBS News:

“A law enforcement source told CBS News’ Pat Milton that casings (spent shells) from a .223 semi automatic rifle were found inside the school.”

Video Source


  1. Something fishy here…..on the first day I saw film footage of them taking some sort of gun that looked like an assault weapon out of the trunk of a light colored vehicle… was then put back in
    A post the other day said this was linked to the Lidor scandal and psychotropic drugs. Adams father and the theatre shooters father were said to know each other & have Washington ties. Weird. Why was the Justice depth. At the school yesterday?

    • Correct “JUST SAYING” PLEASE GET EDUCATED….an assault rifle is an AUTOMATIC GUN….which ILLEGAL and only obtainable to MILITARY,POLICE…and of course drug dealers…. (thank you FAST AND FURIOUS)

      • Sorry, all automatic weapons are illegal. AR-15s are semi automatic and the last I knew, like 5 seconds ago, an AR is considered an assault weapon.

      • I agree with all that you said, except that fully automatic guns are legal in most states, as long as they are not newer than 1986! There has only been 1 murder using a legal machine gun in the last 70 years!

      • It is just a detail, but fully auto weapons are NOT illegal to own and shoot in the US, but they are regulated, and the owner must pay a one-time fee of $200 per gun. In the general scheme of things, $200 is a small price to pay to own a fully auto weapon, but only a rare few WANT to own a fully auto weapon because there is no practical use for it, you have a hard time hitting anything with it, and it is very expensive to shoot. “Assault Rifle” or Sturmgewehr was an invention by the Nazi’s in late WWII – it was a weapon between a sub machine gun and a rifle, firing an intermediate sized round. The Russians seized on the idea soon after the war (1947) and designer Kalashnikov introduced the AK series (hence AK-47). The Americans relied upon the 30 Carbine and the M-14 until the mid 1950’s when Stoner, working for ArmaLite (“AR) laid the groundwork for what would become the AR-15. But the concept for all these guns came from the Sturmgewehr designed by the Germans.

      • Your not exactly on top of it all – fully automatic weapons area legal and can be had by anyone passing the background check and paying the tax – not a very good comment on your part.

      • You ever priced full auto weapon?
        If in GOOD or better shape plan on 20,000 or more
        So few people, I CAN”T, can afford one.
        I would just like to know the truth, WHERE WAS THE RIFLE FOUND,
        more than one officer said it was in trunk of car. Is this being used for gun control?
        Would liberals go this low, I think so.

      • Fully auto firearms are not illegal. Just regulated by the states. Some states don’t allow , most do. Feds only regulate the tax on them.

    • Yep, they unloaded every ATF, FBI office in the state. I know CN is a small state, but not that small (I’ve driven it). This is way out of their jurisdiction (state and local only). Did you see all those goofballs in their “Fallujah” outfits. Think they might be getting ready to take on armed citizen patriots? If they do, they will loose.

      • thats what these killers are,armed citizen patrollers,to me a bunch of paranoid white people,living in ares where there might be one token black family,no crime but armed to the teeth and trust me guy i was in the riots in detroit when the military came thru in the 60’s u guys will be the losers,even thinking u can fight the feds,it will be a turkey shoot!!

    • It’s the LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offer Rate) scandal. Probably just a typo, but wanted to correct it, in case other people want to look it up.

    • There is no such thing as an “assault weapon.” I wish people would get their facts straight. So they found a mythical weapon in his car?

      • Listen carefully – It’s referred to as an assault “style” weapon. This means that can define what is legal or illegal anyway they want.

        words, meanings a science is getting corrupted. A contrail was once defined as ice crystals from water vapor until a patent was granted for a “powder contrail generator” that sprayed chemicals.

        This became the slippery slope used by federal agencies to obfuscate the intent of spraying chemicals or spraying water vapor.

        In 9/11 they re-wrote building codes for no reason other than to cover-up the false flag ops. The phony computer models generated by Shyam Sunder at NIST became the basis for unnecessarily negating proven building codes and technologies that had been accepted for over 100 years.

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  3. Yet another government scam gone wrong …… I beleive the shooters where all brain washed , because a week mind can be controlled……… Cause to commit these acts against their own brother and sisters, so the government and its followers could have the upper hand on our so called rights ………. To many of us are blind and afraid to confront these evil people …..that is all they are “PEOPLE” just like you and me so why be afraid , I’m not and you shouldn’t be either …………… Take a stand and fight for what’s right …REMEMBER “THERE IS MORE OF US THEN THIER IS OF THEM “

  4. From CBS News:

    “A law enforcement source told CBS News’ Pat Milton that casings (spent shells) from a .223 semi automatic rifle were found inside the school.”

    How do they know they are “semi automatic .223 rounds? You can fire .223 rounds out of a bolt action rifle too. They are the EXACT same round.

    I love the way the ignorance of the media shows through.

    • None of the 4 guns found at the scene were.223 cal. This means a 5th gun rifled for .223 is missing. The police radio audio reveals 2-3 intruders were captured and cuffed at the scene but no announcement that any .223 cal. gun was taken into custody.

      Anyone could have carried a bag full of .223 shells into the school and tossed them all over the floor without ever having the gun.

      The guys apprehended in the woods were stooges/decoys while the REAL shooters had time to get on a plane to Tel Aviv.

      • I don’t know what the crime scene looked like exactly,but a .223 at close range would have been a even more hellish scene, than what I think the LEOs first saw. If the forensics is done right (not like the Kennedy autopsy) the coroners would be able to determine the caliber and trajectory of the bullets.

    • It isn’t media ignorance. It is media bias. There is a significant difference the two terms, in that the liberal media and our liberal government are both conspiring to aid the gun-control lunatics attempting to herd this nation of stupid sheep.

  5. Take a look at the long gun they found in the trunk. It is not an AR-15. Ar-15 have the charging handel in the rear. This one has it on it’s side. Also look at the round that is ejected… It’s way to big to be a 223. round. I know what kind of gun it is because I have one. It’s a saiga 12 shotgun with out the magazine. that round that was ejected was a 12 ga shotgun shell.

    Look at what a saiga 12 looks like!

  6. Some guns that are made in the AR style are 22’s also, and his mom was shot 4 times with a 22, they said. Who knows what the truth is. At first they said he used 2 handguns.

    • You can drop a .22LR upper assy(which you can buy online, delivered to your door) onto an existing AR-15 lower assy, giving you a semi-auto .22LR rifle. The difference from a .223 cal and a .22 ….. .003 inch.

  7. full automatic weapons are legal in most state but you do have to be a fully registered gun dealer, or law officer.with still a full permit in Ohio

    • It is legal to own a Registered fully automatic machine gun . What it takes is finger prints, background check , 200.00 to the treasury dept.

      This is for a transferable on a Form 4 machine gun .
      A real Reg before may 1986 m16 cost around $20.000 these days .
      It takes about 6 months for the FBI and ATF to approve the transfer from a Machine gun dealer to you .
      Must be approved before transfer takes place .
      And that was not a AR15 in the trunk.
      They need to keep ( news ) opinions to them selves if they are not 100% sure what the gun is .
      They need to have a amnesty for the people that have grand dads old WW-2 bring back machine guns. Some of these are in excess of $35.000 each.
      The federal government allowed for 3 amnesties to takeplacethe first and only one so far was back in 1968 ..

      And just to let you ladies and gentlemen know . There has been 1 murder committed with a reg machine gun since 1934 …

      Sounds like maybe we should make them register all the unregistered ones . At at $200.00 tax each time it is transferred . The government would be making some cash and not just spending it for a change .

  8. The video showed the state police ejecting rounds from a weapon found in the trunk of the killers car. By the ejection method, ie: pulling a handle on the right side of the weapon, it was NOT an AR-15. Ar’s have an ejection handle at the rear of the receiver.
    More than likely it was the shotgun found, but not used. Looked like a Saiga to me

  9. The media first said only handguns were used and found in the school and an AR-15 was found in the car, then they said an AR-15 was found in the school and now theyre saying it was in the car. WTF

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  11. In American history since 1776, the most deadliest attack that killed the most people in one day was SEPTEMBER 11 2001! The attackers didn’t even fire one shot, they used common box knives that anyone can get at your local hardware store. What’s next a background check on buying box cutters? Even in our most holiest book (which we all should be paying more attention to) Cain killed Able with a simple club. So what’s next us American people getting a conceal carry permit to owning a piece of wood? I simply love history and history always repeats itself, before world war II Adolf (Satan) Hitler disarmed Germany’s people Why? Oh then he took many without a fight because they couldn’t defend themselves to prisoner camp where these pooor souls experienced horrific, brutal, obscene experiments, killings, and torture. So if you want to let the assault rifles be taken (in which there are millions out there that have killed not one soul) from our hands whats next? DO NOT even think for one second this is the end oh no they are just begining just like HITLER! Remember Guns Don’t Kill People Kill!!!!!!!!!

    • Good points…except 9/11 was another staged event. FBI records show that no phone call was made from Barbara Olson’s plane where she allegedly talked about “box cutters” on the it’s another myth. The current chemtrail operation has already shortened millions of lives and is driving up the price of food without one shot being fired. And the military used assault rifles to kill 1 million civilians. Don’t support the troops…bring them home and give them a decent job.

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  13. That’s not an AR15! I’ve worked with and owned AR15s and their military counterparts for many years, and that is not an AR-style rifle at all. Watch the video closely ~1:30:

    – The stock on the rear of the “gun” is not directly in line with the barrel, and bends down away from the top of the receiver. AR15 stocks are straight and in line with the barrel, because they directly absorb the shock of recoil in a spring. The stock must be in line with the barrel in order to do this.

    – The magazine (clip) for the gun can be seen in front of the police officer’s front hand until it is removed. The magazine in extremely large, much wider than any AR15 magazines. Not AR-mags are that wide, as the bullets would not align with the internal mechanism for loading.

    – The officer “charges” the gun with a mechanism on the side of the receiver. AR15s have a built in charging handle on the top and rear of the receiver, just above where the stock connects, not the side. In fact, nothing can be used to manipulate the bolt in such a manner from the side with the motions the officer is using.

    – After the first pull back, something drops from the weapon. It is large and appears grey. It appears much larger than an AR15 bullet or casing, much more closely resembling a shotgun shell.

    The only AR15-style gun that this might be is a Sig 556, an expensive one-off type which is not commonly owned due to price and availability. The Sig 556 shares a similar profile to an AK-style weapon due to how the internal buffer mechanism works, however the magazines it uses are standard AR15 mags. What is shown in the video is not a Sig 556. It appears to be (as someone else said) a Saiga Russian-made shotgun. Remember that Saiga’s were due to be banned last year because the DOJ stated “no sporting purposes” for the gun, but the ban stalled.

    So, if that is indeed a Saiga shotgun, where did the Bushmaster AR15 that’s reported come from? Something doesn’t add up.

  14. The gun in the trunk appears to be a Saiga 12 gauge with an ATI Dragunov stock. You can see the cop remove the magazine then eject the shell. The shell looks like a white, high brass shell.

    • Total of 5 guns reported by State and federal officials. It doesn’t matter what type of gun was in the car since it was not used to fire .223 ammo allegedly found inside the school. If the murders were “real” (not staged) the killers and the AR-15 are still at large.

      Failure of the NRA to seize this obvious false flag as defense is a signal the organization has been infiltrated by the goose-steppers.

      • Or….the NRA “goose-steppers” might be responsibly compiling concrete, indisputable evidence before they spout off half-cocked , looking as foolish as you do. Only a lunatic would make unsubstantiated comments as dumb as yours, considering that zero material evidence has been provided to support your claims, other than a single, early news report. Provide a link (or several) to another factual, current document, a transcript of any statement by a state or federal official or anything else relevant to your claims. If you do not, or likely cannot, you appear as nothing more than a loony conspiracy theorist.

        If you were a member of the NRA, and a mentally stable individual with sound reasoning skills, you would know that they are fully aware of this situation. As a member, I don’t want LaPierre, or anyone else speaking on behalf of the NRA, making premature statements without hard evidence to support each and every one of them up, under the scrutiny of a judge & jury, if (and hopefully, when) necessary.

  15. DUDE! Check when the story on NBC was posted. It was posted on December 15th. Jesus, use some critical thinking, reasoning, and rational thought. You folks are always being duped by your own people.

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  17. Surprised that no one here sees something totally different. Even more interesting,…the long arm they are pulling out of the trunk looks like a Saiga 12 gauge. Look at the size of the round he ejects. Not a .223. Look at the forearm. I am not seeing anything that resembles an AR, but I am seeing something that resembles a weapon not even listed in the weapons disclosure. Also, appears to have a thumbhole stock. Nancy Lanza allegedly bought her Bushy AR prior ot the 1994 AWB. Why would she have bought a Thumbhole weapon, prior to the ’94 AWB? Look at the video on a 32″ or larger monitor, and it becomes real apparent that it is not an AR.

      • Seriously? No one?

        The entire, liberal media is reporting it as the primary murder weapon. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t. Perception is reality in the minds of liberals, i.e. people who don’t pay attention to details or history.

      • The many people who know this was a false flag are not reported in the media….believe me…there are millions. Banksters who own media want you to think you are alone with your thoughts. Don’t buy it.

  18. Well let me just say this. I feel no safer knowing that all the tinfoil hat wearing whackamoles here have weapons. If guns made us safer we would be the safest country on earth.
    Further, all of you who look at your fellow countrymen as someone you could gun down based on whatever, you are the problem. If you think armed insurrection is our future, then beware flying killer robots.

    • So you say fear of the government is the reason people are arming up?

      Doesn’t matter whether it’s a good idea or not. People are afraid of a government they used to think they controlled…..Lots of the so-called “lone-nut” assasinations turned out to be black ops. 9/11 False Flag, Oklahoma City, both Kennedy assasinations, MLK….long list of assassinations tied ultimately to banksters/ Military Industrial/Perpetual war complex…. I saw it in Vietnam and every conflict since then.

    • Beware killer flying robots? Um, isn’t that what they have been using to kill in Afghanistan, and are now expanding here at home for surveillance?

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  20. In Connecticut full auto’s are illegal and you cannot have any weapon mailed to your door. it must be shipped to a class 3 dealer who takes care of the paperwork. no .762’s are allowed either.

  21. You have GOT to look at the extended version of the trunk search. After the shotgun is cleared, the tac officer leaves, and TWO of the white suited techs approach, and EACH ONE PICKS UP A LONG GUN at 2:28. one on the right is clear as day, the one to the left is in a shadow

    • Trusted source watching wild feeds on digital KU band witnessed an assault rifle retrieved from the back seat of a “car” earlier in the day. Somebody may have a recording of that video.

    • It does look like a couple weapons there being carried away, but there is NO MENTION of multiple “long guns” being found in the car. Regardless, these are found IN THE CAR and not in the building with the shooter. Lanza did not go back to his vehicle after he started shooting (reported). So any weapon found in the vehicle were NOT murder weapons (unless one was used on the mother – unknown).

  22. It looked like a “thumbhole” semi-automatic shotgun to me……

    It’s not hard to Google or Bing the images…….


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