Confirmed: Geoengineering Aerosols Contaminate Water, Food and Soil 4

Geoengineer, David Keith (Dr. Chemtrail)

This is a poignant video with disturbing outtakes from Geoengineer David Keith and former USDA employee Rosalind Peterson that summarizes our current planetary emergency.

Keith admits geoengineering schemes are dangerous while pretending not to know that the covert and hazardous operation he suggests was officially spawned by the National Academy of Sciences in 1963 and aggressively pursued since the mid- 1990’s.

David Keith represents the worst kind of “Frankenstein” science where proposals to poison the air are somehow rationalized to be a necessary evil to save the planet – while warning that his ideas could destroy it

Rosalind Petersen summarizes data that verifies how David Keith’s dangerous geoengineering experiment has already worked out after 20 years of secret, chemical aerosol assaults on populations by rockets and jet aircraft.

Meanwhile, evidence that the combination of aerosols and advanced electromagnetic weapons are now prime suspects in the sudden arctic ice retreat and recent trends of extreme weather that the UN/IPCC has blamed on CO2.  Not surprisingly, the beneficiaries of this arctic melt-down are the Oil Companies – the same corporations who get congress to send our troops to fight and die for oil and pipelines inside countries that never attacked America.

It’s no classified secret that ionospheric heaters like the one at HAARP have the ability to distort the ionosphere to change the position of the jet stream to bring warmer air into arctic regions.  But HAARP is only one of many electromagnetic devices.

In 2012, ionospheric heaters, Tesla Arrays and advanced energy devices have been installed in many locations on earth and even at sea.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now has an aerosol program (operation HAMP) that deploys aerosols to steer hurricanes and to make them stronger or weaker depending on the mission.

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