GeoEngineering the Planet: THE FIX IS IN 4

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Controlling the Controllers: A Timeline of Geoengineering Rules and Regulations Worldwide

When it comes to attempts to actively steer the environment toward a desired outcome via geoengineering, there are some international treaties and national regulations—but most have no teeth

By Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato  | October 25, 2012

When American businessman Russ George dumped iron sulfate into the Pacific Ocean last July as part of an elaborate geoengineering plan, environmental organizations around the world cried foul. But did he really do anything illegal? The body of legislation that governs geoengineering on a global scale is sparse and full of loopholes.


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Has the Time Come to Try Geoengineering?

By David Biello | August 15, 2012

Earth’s average temperature has warmed by 0.8 degree Celsius over the last 100 years or so. The reason is increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere. The concentration of CO2 has now reached 394 parts-per-million in the air we breathe—and would be even higher, roughly 450 ppm, if the oceans weren’t absorbing a good deal of the CO2 we create by burning fossil fuels, clearing forests and the like.

Ken Caldeira article How Far Can Climate Change Go?   How far can we push the planet?




  1. The extended solar minimum we are in right will make a monkey out of these fools. We have global cooling now you imbecile.

    I know why there’s a push with all these atmospheric Geo Engineering stories these days.

    It’s because they are using it as a cover for all the Jet Contrail Chemical spraying they have been doing and want to continue doing, spraying all that aluminum and barium in the sky’s people see almost every day.

    Abnormal contrails filled with chemicals is pollution!

    NASA June 2012 Solar Cycle 24 Prediction

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