Suspicious Observer Challenges Government Secrecy Over Collapsing Atmosphere 8

Access to information via the internet has developed growing public skepticism about historical events that have gone without question for decades. 

One of those events involves growing public doubts about the Apollo Moon Mission where easy access to NASA data, and images reveals details that are inconsistent with accepted laws of physics.

For example, shadows of are cast in unlikely angles while the background placement of rocks changes significantly between images.  In another instance the American Flag begins to wave just after an astronaut hops to “breeze” closely past it.  There are literally thousands of photos and clips that bring to question what really happened – and didn’t happen – on those Apollo Moon missions.

Two Documentaries:  Dark Mission and Did We Really Go to The Moon, explore the mountain of evidence for NASA deceit, cover-up and possible murder of potential whistleblowers.

Fast-forward to Aug., 2012 when it was discovered by Youtuber SUNSFLARE that image editing, like Photoshop, was used to copy and paste features of the Gale Crater where the Mars rover “Curiosity” is presumed to have landed.  NASA presents the composite image as “authentic” but anyone with a computer can review the image for themselves to validate observations by SUNSFLARE and many others.

Anyone with doubts about what really happened on those Apollo missions should not be surprised to find out that a Photoshop cloning tool created large sections of an official NASA image of the Martian, Gale Crater landing site.

Just as NASA put “conspiracy theories” about 2012 Mayan calenders and Nibiru to rest, the Russian based ISON network (not NASA) announced discovery of a significant  new comet (C/2012 S1) that could be 15 times brighter than a full moon and visible at high noon.  ISON made the announcement on sept 21, 2012 and predicted it would become visible in September, 2013.

We can only speculate as to why NASA – with all their space gadgets – somehow missed the approach of this significant stellar object while debunking the alleged “conspiracy theories” like rogue doomsday planet “Nibiru”.

In this video,  Suspicious Observer (S0) challenges the “powers that be” to provide full disclosure on what they know and are keeping secret from the public.

S0’s conspiracy analysis generously characterizes the “powers the be” as basically benevolent father figures attempting to spare their children (and corporate profits) from alarm over the declining state of the atmosphere, ionosphere and ozone layer.  Their tools are such things as secret space technology,  ionospheric heaters (HAARP) and massive deployment of jet aircraft geoengineering aerosols containing chemicals that secretly modify the climate, degrade the quality of our atmosphere while increasing it’s electrical conductivity for the military’s weather warfare agenda to own the weather in 2025.

There are far more conspiracy analysts with evidence that the secret tools of the criminal elite are being used as weapons against mankind while profiting from the disasters they are deliberately causing to unfold.  This growing group of enlightened realists are more likely to agree with Naomi Klein’s assessment in her book,  The Shock DoctrineThe Rise of Disaster Capitalism that describes the current cynical transition to the “New World Order” following 9/11 and the Bankster elite’s reckless and deliberate implosion of global economies.

Regardless your assessment of government conspiracies,  S0’s mini-documentary provides a rare and honest look at what’s really happening behind the facade of corporate news and NASA’s half-truths.

Go to Suspicious Observer’s channel and subscribe  to the daily 2-3 minute morning news that you may never get anywhere else on earth. You won’t regret it.


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  2. I saw a Nova video yesterday , that claims we’re losing our earth’s magnetics and thus we’re losing our protective layer that shields us from the harmful effects of the sun and the solar winds of space. Turns out the hot core of molten iron is cooling at a rate of 100 ° every 1000 yrs. It also turns out that the earth changes direction of magnitism every 2000 or so years. And before it changes direction the earth’s core begins to cool down a bit before that ever happens. The change can take anywhere from a few years to 3000 yrs. That is what Suspicious Observers is seeing in their daily reports. Had they watchd the Nova show they would have known this

    • SO can be messaged using the youtube email system. Go to his channel, click on the drop-down menu and look for “send messsage” His ID is cloaked due to security issues….but he responds.

      You can also leave comments in the video comments section…. Was that the answer you needed?

  3. To whom it may concern:
    JUST A TY FOR A HONEST AND SINCERE LOOK AT SO.. I don’t start the day without his I go… I pray he’s allowed to continue!!
    TY ,
    Julio Covington Sr.

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