Data Confirms Persistent Contrail Emissions From Jet Aircraft Are Actually Aerosols of Chemical Pollution 5

Easily accessible atmospheric data can distinguish between Contrails of water vapor and (secret) Contrails of chemical aerosol pollution.

NASA and the US Air Force make it clear in their own publications that conditions of high relativity humidity are required at flight level before a jet aircraft is capable of producing a “persistent contrail”.

Since there are only rare exceptions to this fundamental rule of water vapor contrail formation, it’s a simple task to distinguish between normal persistent contrails and persistent contrails containing undisclosed, chemical aerosol pollutants.

NASA:  “Persistent (non-spreading) contrails look like long white lines that remain visible after the airplane has disappeared. This shows that the air where the airplane is flying is quite humid, and there is a large amount of water vapor available to form a contrail.”

USAF:   “The rate at which contrails dissipate is entirely dependent upon weather conditions and altitude. If the atmosphere is near (water vapor) saturation, the contrail may exist for some time. Conversely, if the atmosphere is dry, the contrail will dissipate quickly.”  Contrail Facts, Pg. 13.

Now let’s examine the case of an Air France, Airbus A-380 – registration number (F-HPJA) – where the timeline and conditions are well documented in order to effectively demonstrate how persistent contrails can be far more than citizens have been led to believe.

A telephoto image clearly showing the registration number (F-HPJA) of the Airbus A-380 was chosen for this example.  A search at AeroTransport Databank succeeded in retrieving details and more images of the aircraft including the date, precise location and altitude. (38,000 ft.)

Photo of AIR FRANCE  Air Bus A-380, Reg# F-HPJA  – Observation reveals abnormal and premature visibility of contrails behind jet engines significanly ahead of the tail section. This finding is not consistent with normal contrail physics and supports evidence that persistent contrails emission from this aircraft are generated by covert and publicly undisclosed deployment of chemical aerosols.

An member posted a photo of the A-380 captured over Kemble air field, UK on Aug 26, 2012.  Radiosonde data from 6 stations (data below) on that date, confirm Temp. = < 39 deg C.  and relative humidity did not exceed 11% (eleven percent) at 38,000 ft. in any sample.  This finding  is science-based evidence that emissions from this commercial, passenger aircraft are based on chemical aerosols that have nothing to do with typical formation of normal, water vapor contrails.

Photo of Airbus A-380, F-HPJA clearly shows visibility of contrail emissions is abnormally premature, significantly ahead of the tail section. This finding is not consistent with normal, water vapor contrail formation but is consistent with clandestine deployment of chemical aerosols.

Arrow indicates location of captured image on 8/26/2012 while transitioning overhead Kemble Air field.

Radiosonde data from 6 stations adjacent to Kemble air field revea relative humity at flight level of 38,000 ft. was VERY LOW and did not exceed eleven percent (11%).

Compelling evidence shows radiosonde data from 6 stations adjacent to Kemble air field report Temp = <39 C.  and relative humidity at flight level of 38,000 ft. on that day was VERY LOW and did not exceed eleven percent (11.0 %) !

8/26/2012 Weathersonde Data

03882 Herstmonceux Observations at 00Z 26 Aug 2012  RH = 10% at 38,000 Ft./11,500 Meters

03354 Nottingham Observations at 00Z 26 Aug 2012 RH = 4% at 38,000 Ft./11,500 Meters

03238 Albermarle Observations at 00Z 26 Aug 2012 RH = 4% at 38,000 Ft./11,500 Meters

03808 Camborne Observations at 00Z 26 Aug 2012  RH = 2% at 38,000 Ft./11,500 Meters

03918 Castor Bay Observations at 00Z 26 Aug 2012 RH = 2% at 38,000 Ft./11,500 Meters

10113 Norderney Observations at 00Z 26 Aug 2012 RH = 2% at 38,000 Ft./11,500 Meters

Minnis Chart reveals low probability of contrails and CIRRUS below 60% Relative Humidity.

Minnis Chart reveals probability of contrail and Cirrus formation at flight level and T <39 deg C. and below 60% Relative Humidity is extremely low.


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  1. Nice work Harold! You should post this on meta-bunk or contrailscience and see how much disinfo they spew when attempting to discredit thess common sense findings.

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  3. Just stupidity … the number one product of combustion is water … water that condenses on a particulate .. usually the burned carbon, and then at altitude … it freezes.

    H11C6O4 + O2 = H2O + CO2 + CO + C … WATER! (That is the H2O past)

    Yes, jets flying around up there are actually ejecting tons of WATER.

    Here … go make your own chem-trial in your kitchen … take any drinking glass and stick in strait into the fire over your stove .. what is that on the side of the glass … WATER.

    WATER… (Methane, Octane, Butane, jet fuel) … all the same WATER,

    Come on man, we have to be more scientific than this. We just sound stupid.

  4. I have been looking for an answer to this Q. maybe someone on here can help me, I have been tracking planes for quite some time on and Well I noticed again last week there were three Air France 747’s Flying in single file, slightly behind each other at an altitude of 36th ft. this was over My town of Plymouth, Ma …. Well the first 747 left a small contrail that dissipated quickly Behind the Jet, The 2nd 747 Just over a min behind the 1st produced no contrail … NOTHING behind the jet (Like we used to see 8 out of 10 times growing up in the 70’s and 80’s) Well the 3rd Air France 747 just over a min after the 2nd 747 Jet produced a contrail that not only lingered for 6 hours but expanded so wide that with in 30 min it covered half the sky (had to be at least 50 to 100 miles wide) causing a white out. So my Question is, How do three of the exact same planes with at the same engines at the same altitude & same weather conditions have different contrail results? I HAVE SEEN THIS ON SEVERAL ACCOUNTS & each account they leave londing and land at JFK NYC. Seems most of the planes that spray over Ma land at JFK. you will see other planes same atlitude right over my home leaving small contrails or nothing but every plane that is heading towards JFK will leave the most unusual contrails! The other thing is they go way out of their way wasting tons of fuel when they take off at Londons Heathrow airport and land at JFK They will take off at london then head north and cut through Ireland then head north west to Nova Scotia South through Maine, New hampshire, Mass, Rhode island, Connecticut to JFK. if you click on the plane it will show you the flight path and they always go out of their way making sure to fly directly over heavy populated cities … There should be no reason a plane leaving london ehading towards JFK WITH NO STOPS should be going way out of its way wasting tons of fuel, taking away vital sunlight when they could just fly west over the atlantic straight to JFK airport! I call these metro death dumps!

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