Cliff Carnicom: Aerosol Geoengineering Connection to Satellites, HAARP, ELF Propagation 2

Clifford E Carnicom – Feb 09 2003

Satellite Threat Due to High Altitude Nuclear Detonations

All citizens are requested to become familiar with the following briefing paper written by Dennis Papadopoulos, Physics Department, of the University of Maryland, in connection with the Eisenhower Institute.

Entitled “Satellite Threat Due to High Altitude Nuclear Detonations”, the paper outlines a method that employs the use of ELF propagation from the HAARP transmitter as a means to protect satellites from the effects of nuclear explosions at altitude.

All constituents of this system are identified as primary research topics of the aerosol operations.

Readers, researchers, citizens and activists are encouraged to become familiar with the conceptual basis of this briefing, and to disseminate this paper.

Please devote special attention to the final pages of the report.

The posting of this information is not meant in any way to impart finality or singularity of purpose to the aerosol operations; to the contrary, numerous applications have been identified as being feasible under the modified state of the atmosphere that now exists.

As an example, biological operations, environmental modifications, alternative weapon systems and applications are not a consideration within this report.

The comprehensive nature of the ELF – SATELLITE – HAARP – AEROSOL (charged particle control) connection, however, deserves careful evaluation by all citizens.

Of significance is the SIPLE, VLF station located in the Antarctica. HERE


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  1. Death Ray Weapon & Patents
    The information below contains some “claims” from weather control patents.
    Including the amazing Solar Beam energy weapon. Using satellites which collect solar energy from a concoction of chemicals sprayed into the upper atmosphere which generates and collects solar and electrically charged energy! Thanks to CHEN FRANKLIN the claimed inventor.
    Interestingly, the chemical compositions used by these patents are capable of performing a number of tasks very efficiently. They are almost invisible too. We may not see chemtrails as we know them for very long, apart from the moisture generated and at best only temporary. These will be sprayed at high altitudes.
    Most of these ingredients are transparent.
    So what is the point of these patents? Well, yes weather control. However, other evil sinister plans are contained within.
    The chemicals used here are a concoction of -:
    Sodium Chloride Promotes Electric Conductivity
    Potassium Chloride Reflective properties
    Potassium Perchlorate used for electronic applications absorbs electrons
    Magnesium Oxide Refractory Material
    Strontium Carbonate Used in Electronics and Magnetism
    polyvinyl chloride Plastic Polymer
    Methanol Clear Flammable Carrier
    It appears that the atmosphere of the earth is being converted for use as a generator and collector of electrical energy. This can then be collected by satellites and discharged to targets on the surface of the earth or targets within the atmosphere. We are not talking about small amounts of energy here. This energy is unimaginable. I believe this could be used as the energy source for “Blue Beam”.
    Additionally, it can be used as a weapon that can wipe out an entire continent! A power wave beam that alters matter and can bend metal structures in seconds like putty. The video below shows how it was very likely used to bring down the twin towers in conjuction with thermalite.
    If you don`t believe it watch all of the death ray video below …..
    48 hours following the interview with Jessie Ventura in the video above, Doctor Fred Bell was dead. He worked with the US government on the death ray project. Now he was a whistle blower, but only for 48 hours!
    22 other scientists and workers associated with this project are also dead.
    Including astronaught Brian O`leary who worked on the Star Wars Death Ray Project.
    The grand niece a family relative of Tesla the original inventor of this type of project was found dead in her motorhome. She had apparently died of …….. wait for it ….. internal spontaneous combustion! Just the type of death this weapon is capable of producing.

    Conversely, as the patent claims, if energy is directed at this “witches chemical brew” cloud, it heats up the atmosphere to very high temperatures until combustion takes place as a chemical fire! Possibly to produce greater amounts of energy. Also to cause extreme weather conditions as witnessed recently across the states and the Phillipines. The Phillipines never wanted any US links or bases in their country.
    Now, how very surprising, since the Hurricane disaster the USA are now at home there. They have become the saviors and also incidentally, the experts of false flag disasters.
    Myanmar (formerly Burmah) never agreed to any USA help after thousands died following their hurricane. The US aircraft carriers even turned up (they just happened to be passing by), but the Junta Government turned them away !
    The state visit to Myanmar by Hillary Clinton and subsequent appearance of President Obama appears to have done what hurricanes cannot. Even McDonalds has now appeared in Rangoon (Myanmar`s capitol).

    Look at the claims in the following patent. It states that “… maintaining stable combustion after beginning the combustion”.* !!
    So the atmosphere will be “flared” as a chemical fire which could be 100s of square miles, possibly thousands and it says
    “…safe…stable combustion ..”
    So nothing to worry about here of course. Yeh, right !
    What concerns me is that I have found patents along similar lines registered by other parties from many of different countries. Many especially from China.
    I write patents for a living, these patents are real. Patents are very expensive and to get them to grant costs thousands of dollars. There are now dozens of patents on the subject of weather control/geo-engineering.
    No one spends thousands of dollars on patents unless they are serious, and know it works!
    They are all at it ! Where will all this control and manipulation of the atmosphere end? Seems like we will all know sooner than we think.
    Citings of patents, claims, and chemical formulas below. Note the patent diagram of the energy ray satellites.




    Applicant(s): GONGBO ENGINEERING CO LTD [KR] +

    Classification: – international: C10L10/00; C10L5/04; C10L9/10
    – cooperative:

    Application number: KR20120108172 20120927
    Priority number(s): KR20120108172 20120927

    Abstract of KR101324541 (B1)

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    PURPOSE: A burning coal composition for meteorological control is provided to achieve an improved meteorological control efficiency by forming relatively many nucleation activation centers that are easy of handling and safe while * maintaining stable combustion after beginning the combustion. CONSTITUTION: A burning coal composition (12) for meteorological control comprise a seeding material which comprises 15 to 25 weight% of sodium chloride, 65 to 70 wt% of potassium chloride, and 5 to 20 wt% of magnesium oxide; and a combustive material comprising 70 to 75 wt% of potassium perchlorate, 10 to 15 wt% of strontium carbonate, 1 to 5 wt% of carbon, and 5 to 15 wt% of polyvinyl chloride. The seeding material and combustive material are contained at a weight ratio in a range of 1:2 to 2:1. The burning coal composition contains 0.5 to 2 wt% of methanol based on the total weight of the composition. A burning coal (10) for meteorological control comprises the burning coal composition.
    In chemistry and physics, it is a very commonly used standard, for example as a calibration standard solution in measuring electrical conductivity of (ionic) solutions, since carefully prepared KCl solutions have well-reproducible and well-repeatable measurable properties.
    Potassium chloride can react as a source of chloride ion. As with any other soluble ionic chloride, it will precipitate insoluble chloride salts when added to a solution of an appropriate metal ion: KCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) → AgCl(s) + KNO3(aq)
    A refractory material is one that is physically and chemically stable at high temperatures. “By far the largest consumer of magnesia worldwide is the refractory industry, which consumed about 56% of the magnesia in the United States in 2004, the remaining 44% being used in agricultural, chemical, construction, environmental, and other industrial applications.”[5]
    Potassium perchlorate
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Potassium perchlorate

    Other names[hide]
    Potassium chlorate(VII)
    Perchloric acid, potassium salt
    CAS number




    EC number

    UN number

    RTECS number
    Jmol-3D images
    Image 1



    Molecular formula
    Molar mass
    138.55 g/mol
    Appearance Colourless/white crystalline powder
    2.5239 g/cm3
    Melting point
    525 °C
    Boiling point
    600 °C (decomp.)
    Solubility in water
    0.75 g/100 mL (0 °C)
    1.5 g/100 mL (25 °C)[1]
    21.8 g/100 mL (100 °C)
    negligible in alcohol
    insoluble in ether

    Refractive index (nD)
    Crystal structure
    Std enthalpy of
    formation ΔfHo298
    −433 kJ•mol−1[2]

    Standard molar
    entropy So298
    151 J•mol−1•K−1[2]


    EU Index 017-008-00-5
    EU classification
    Oxidant (O)
    Harmful (Xn)
    R9, R22

    (S2), S13, S22, S27

    NFPA 704

    Related compounds
    Other anions
    Potassium chloride
    Potassium chlorate
    Potassium periodate

    Other cations
    Ammonium perchlorate
    Sodium perchlorate

    (verify) (what is: / ?)
    Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)

    Potassium perchlorate is the inorganic salt with the chemical formula KClO4. Like other perchlorates, this salt is a strong oxidizer and potentially reacts with many organic substances. This usually obtained as a colorless, crystalline solid is a common oxidizer used in fireworks, ammunition percussion caps, explosive primers, and is used variously in propellants, flash compositions, stars, and sparklers. It has been used as a solid rocket propellant, although in that application it has mostly been replaced by the higher performance ammonium perchlorate. KClO4 has the lowest solubility of the alkali metal perchlorates (1.5 g in 100 mL of water at 25 °C).[1]

    Strontium carbonate is used for electronic applications. It is used for manufacturing CTV to absorb electrons resulting from the cathode.
    It is used in the preparation of iridescent glass, luminous paints, strontium oxide or strontium salts and in refining sugar and certain drugs.
    It is widely used in the ceramics industry as an ingredient in glazes. It acts as a flux and also modifies the color of certain metallic oxides. It has some properties similar to barium carbonate.
    It is also used in the manufacturing of strontium ferrites for permanent magnets which are used in Loudspeakers and door magnets.
    Strontium carbonate is also used for making some superconductors such as BSCCO and also for electroluminescent materials where it is first calcined into SrO and then mixed with sulphur to make SrS:x where x is typically europium. This is the famous “blue/green” phosphor which is sensitive to frequency and changes from lime green to blue when run from 200Hz up to 1400Hz. Other dopants can also be used such as gallium, or yttrium to get a yellow/orange glow instead.
    Because of its status as a weak Lewis base, strontium carbonate can be used to produce many different strontium compounds by simple use of the corresponding acid.

    Method for monitoring operation of weather modification

    Page bookmark CN101201916 (A) – Method for monitoring operation of weather modification

    Inventor(s): MING CHENG [CN] +


    Classification: – international: A01G15/00; G06Q10/00; G06Q50/00; H04L12/28
    – cooperative:

    Application number: CN20071166099 20071105
    Priority number(s): CN20071166099 20071105

    The invention discloses an air operation supervision method of artificial weather modification. The geographical information, clock information of air operation of the air operation spot of the air operation terminal and planning application information of air operation of artificial weather modification, through operation relay terminal, are sent to a first operation supervision center, or the first operation supervision center and the second operation supervision center; through the first operation supervision center or the first operation supervision center and the second operation supervision center, the information and radar air intelligence information by real-time receiving treatment are comprehensively processed; and the matching treatment of flying plan and air operation plan are carried out, so as to form written reply decision information of artificial weather modification, and then the information is sent to a corresponding air operation terminal through an operation relay terminal to control the artificial weather modification. The whole process of the air operation supervision method of artificial weather modification is digitalized and data collection is automatic, which realizes whole supervision process digitalized information transformation and information process and display of weather modification air operation.

    Weather modification by artificial satellites

    Page bookmark US5984239 (A) – Weather modification by artificial satellites

    Inventor(s): CHEN FRANKLIN Y K [US] +

    Applicant(s): CHEN, FRANKLIN Y. K
    Classification: – international: A01G15/00; B64D27/24; B64G1/10; B64G1/42; (IPC1-7): A01G15/00; B64G1/44
    – cooperative: A01G15/00; B64D27/24; B64G1/10; B64G1/1085; B64G1/428; B64G2001/1042; Y02T50/62

    Application number: US19980069655 19980428
    Priority number(s): US19980069655 19980428 ; US19910675880 19910327 ; US19950480883 19950607

    Also published as: US5762298 (A) US6045089 (A)

    Abstract of US5984239 (A)

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    A Satellite Weather Modification System (SWMS) uses earth satellites to harness solar energy to modify the thermodynamics and composition of the earth’s atmosphere. SWMS has three subsystems: The first subsystem includes a network of earth satellites called Satellite Engines (SEs) used to reflect solar energy and/or transform solar energy into other forms of energy beams discharged at specified locations. The media at these locations and the media through which the energy beams pass absorb these energies and change them into heat. The second subsystem includes a large network of Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs). These sensors are used to measure local media compositions, dynamic parameters and thermodynamic properties. Sensor measurements are fed back to the third subsystem, which includes a network of Ground Control Stations (GCSs). GCSs provide energy beam guidance by estimating each beam’s characteristics and its aim point trajectory as functions of time. Integration of these three subsystems establishes a sensor feedback energy beam guidance and control loop. SWMS’s weather modification applications include alteration of precipitation, reclaiming of wasteland, reducing damage by bad weather, and improving environment. Its non-weather related applications include supplying concentrated energy to electricity generating stations (solar, wind and hydro), high latitude greenhouse farms, and solar powered airplanes.


    • Atmospheric Perturbations of opaque artificial clouds will continue to be required to spoil accurate targeting for DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) for as long as the enemy still exists (if they ever did).

      For purposes of climate warming, the aerosols can be transparent polymers of low visibility to bind water vapor (GHG) in the atmosphere and thus drive drought. Perhaps there’s already testing of these low vis trails. Many of the new chemtrails appears much weaker than in past years. Some actually look like normal contrails until inspected with magnified lenses to reveal the “Miller Lite” brew far, far behind the aircraft.

      The ingredients you list are much more effective at refracting energy beams and destroying the ozone than reflecting sunlight back into space.

      This is where the spooks are very happy that so many are confused to think chemtrails are “geoengineering” to cool the planet from global warming. The activist groups that changed from calling chemtrails to “geoengineering” are realizing the error of their ways. The change was an attempt to be politically correct and avoid the jab of being called a “conspiracy theorist”.

      Geoengineering is an operation to be carried out in the stratosphere….not the troposphere. These are 2 different operations albeit for big bucks both ways.

      *Correction: Chemtrails Are An “Exotic Weapon”, Not SRM or Geoengineering to mitigate Global Warming*

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