Are Evergreen Air’s Fleet of B-747 Tankers too busy with weather modification to fight wildfires 7

Are Evergreen Air’s fleet of B-747 Tankers too busy with weather modification to fight wildfires?

On March 24, 2009 Evergreen International Aviation announced their B-747 Supertanker was certified to fly by the Interagency Air Tanker Board and ready to fight wildfiles.  The large-scale aerial fire fighting jet uses a delivery system  patented by Evergreen Air, capable of delivering large payloads of retardant at safe altitudes above terrain.

Evergreen Air issued an anonymous statement on their website in response to numerous queries about the availability of their  fleet of 747 Supertankers to help fight wildfires in Colorado.

According to Evergreen Air, the 747 tankers –  partly designed to assist in containing disasters like the 2012 Colorado fires and hundreds more – were not allowed to be used due to flaws in US Forest Service (USFS) policies.

a) Even though Evergreen’s 747 Tanker is capable of dropping a 20,000 pound payload of fire retardant the USFS allowable upper limit for “tank size” is 5,000 pounds.

b) Due to recent changes to the US Forest Service procurement policies only small businesses are eligible for contract awards concerning air tanker assets.

Evergreen alleges they’ve never been told why their tankers have not been activated by USFS and can only “speculate” as to why.

But documents on their own website contradict this assertion.

In March, 2009 the USFS  and NASA performed an “Operational Test and Evaluation Summary Report on VLAT  (Very Large Aerial Tanker) Operational

The USFS favorable MISSION COMPATIBILITY statement speaks for itself:  “It was concluded that VLAT aircraft are probably compatible with the wildland fire suppression mission, provided that they are used to supplement other aerial retardant delivery platforms rather than replace them in all environments.”

Q. Why would Evergreen spend millions on B-747 upgrades without securing a market for their firefighting services in advance. ?

Q. Why was a favorable MISSION COMPATIBILITY finding by USFS followed years later by a form letter that claimed Evergreen has never been told why their tankers have not been activated by USFS and can only “speculate” as to why.?

Q. Since 2009, why has Evergreen apparently failed to pursue the USFS’s findings in order to meet their business plan to activate their fleet of tankers into fire-fighting service?

A. According to their patent for deployment of various compounds (US 7,413,145) the Tanker fleet is equally adept at performing WEATHER MODIFICATION.

Cynics could call Evergreen’s released statement a “cover story” to hide the 747 tankers real, full time mission of covert geoengineering and weather modification.


The dark history of Evergreen Air as a CIA asset for covert chemtrail spraying may provide a clue as to why they can overlook a firefighting contract with the USFS.

While not fighting fires there is little reason to believe the 747 Tanker is sitting idle on some tarmac  The same system patent that allows disbursement of fire-fighting compounds is also rated for “weather modification” where tons of aerosols can be released in a line up to 250 miles or in huge clusters of interrupted batches to form artificial cirrus clouds.




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