Millions Are Waking Up to a Global Aerosol Geoengineering Operation in Plain Sight. 5

Jason  Reeve, UK – 8th September 2012:  One of the biggest Chemtrail assaults I have seen this year.  Compared to the 7th September which was a beautifully clear day with deep blue skies, the 9th was hopefully a wake up call to many Londoners.

Geoengineering is going on right above your heads and clearly they are not able to hide this fact for much longer.

Share this video and keep on waking others to this crime against Planet Earth and her precious atmosphere and delicate weather systems!


  1. Chemtrails began in 1999; I first saw them in 2001 while living in Mexico. After returning to the U S I’ve seen several hundreds of them. And I do know that there are at least 3 methods to prove that they are REAL .

  2. The fouling of our Atmosphere, by Gov’t activities like Aerosol Radiative Forcing AKA Chemtrails and Global Dimming; especially since 1997 (US AirForce “Owning the Weather by 2025” ). “Global Dimming” means the reflective barrier to stop the Sun on Water natural evaporation for Natures real rain/snow The reflective barrier traps in Green House Gasses causing the earth to dehydrate while nature is trying to balance. The Sun is the Life Force of all life on this Planet… Weather is a Commodity traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The “drought” is very likely deliberate (Monsanto sells drought resistant plants/seeds). Weather Modification (Search Weather Modification supplies) is destroying our Planet There are more than 50 entities (Gov’t, Private, Corp.) in our Sky’s atmosphere trying to control the weather and keep Nature from doing what Nature does best and has been doing since the beginning without human interference!

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