Look Up To See Something Important 3

The Global public is becoming aware that their governments (and the United Nations) is keeping a dark secret from its citizens and small businesses that could effect their health and cause global food scarcity if allowed to continue.

In 2010 the Belfort Group provided compelling scientific evidence that a secret weather modification program has been underway for two decades.

The Case Orange Report is a 336 page publication compiled by engineers and insiders in the aerospace industry who confirmed what the public has been seeing in the skies above the US, Canada UK, Europe, Australia, South America and Middle east for years.

A New Suspect in Climate Change: Case Orange establishes that the very long white trails emitted from jet aircraft (aka chemtrails) are not normal water vapor contrails.  Instead, nearly ever one of these “persistent contrails” is made of toxic weather modification compounds that have nothing to do with normal water vapor contrails. This finding flies in the face of statements of denial by Congressional committees and multiple government agencies like the FAA, EPA, CDC and others who are all subscribed to the UN globalist agenda of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”.

The new documentary “Why In The World Are They Spraying” reveals that commodity speculators are taking advantage of inside climate modification information provided by military insiders to make personal profits from drought, floods, tornadoes and violent weather.

Large scale weather modification was once thought to be under the domain of the US military with authorization by Congress. But the evidence now shows the military operation has turned into a stock market “futures” gamble with wagers placed at the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) where fortunes are made by knowing how the climate will be manipulated and which crops and food sources will succeed or fail.

This international military-industrial-bankster alliance is open to vast criminal extortion by speculators and powerful investment bankers who will probably never be brought to justice based on their ongoing success in getting away with being handed billions of taxpayer dollars.

From Reinhard von Holst Channel

BBC Article explains what we see as if it is only a “proposal”

From the House of Commons publications


While there was a measure of debate that some—CDR, in particular—technologies fell within the definition of geoengineering, there was greater disagreement about weather modification techniques should be included. The Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC Group) considered that geoengineering should also encompass weather modification techniques such as hurricane suppression and cloud seeding.[52] Cloud seeding causes precipitation by introducing substances into cumulus clouds that cause condensation. Most seeding uses silver iodide, but dry ice (that is, solid carbon dioxide), propane, and salt are also used.[53]

25. These techniques are in use to precipitate rain and to suppress precipitation and hail.[54] Dr James Lee, from the American University, Washington DC, pointed out in his memorandum that cloud seeding was first scientifically demonstrated in 1946[55] and “is a geoengineering tool that is widely used by more than 30 countries” and that with climate change, fresh water resources will be in decline in many parts of the world and one “result may be an increase in the use of cloud seeding”.[56] He cited the example of China, whose:

cloud seeding program is the largest in the world, using it to make rain, prevent hailstorms, contribute to firefighting, and to counteract dust storms. On New Year’s Day in 1997, cloud seeding made snow in Beijing, for probably no other reason than popular enjoyment. During the 2008 Olympics, China extensively used cloud seeding to improve air quality. China sees cloud seeding as part of a larger strategy to lower summer temperatures and save energy.[57]

26. Dr Lee drew a distinction between climate change and weather:   since cloud seeding is more likely to affect the latter. Weather is a state of the atmosphere over the short-term and more likely at specific points and places. Climate is a long-term phenomenon expressed as average weather patterns over a long period. Cloud seeding could affect climate when carried out over a long period. Key measures of weather and climate are precipitation and temperature.[58]

27. Since 1977, cloud seeding and environmental techniques have been subject to international regulation. In 1977 countries agreed to the “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques” (ENMOD). The treaty, as well as forbidding the use of environmental modification techniques in hostile circumstances, supported the use of weather modification for peaceful purposes.  A re-confirmation of the ENMOD principles occurred at the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.[59] Dr Lee pointed out that most techniques covered by the ENMOD treaty were “quite speculative”—for example, causing earthquakes or tsunamis which was far beyond the capacity of current technology—but that cloud seeding was a technology that was often used.[60] Source


  1. Amazingly enough, at the 36 second mark the camera is about to complete it’s pan of the sky when you see a dark airliner with a bright orb in front of it’s starboard side…
    So number one” LOOK UP

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