Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Went Beyond Chemtrails Awareness Reply

The inau­gural Con­scious­ness Beyond Chem­trails con­fer­ence in Los Ange­les this past week­end could not have turned out bet­ter for the aware­ness move­ment. The stated pur­pose of the land­mark gath­er­ing more than just expand­ing aware­ness of chem­trails, the toxic, arti­fi­cial clouds which have wide rang­ing effects. Chem­trails were the com­mon ground that each of the speak­ers shared, because it is such a seri­ous issue, how­ever each one of them pre­sented excel­lent infor­ma­tion on ancil­lary issues linked to the agen­das respon­si­ble for chem­trails.

Con­fer­ence orga­nizer John Whyte stated that chem­trails are one of the most impor­tant issues the pub­lic at large is unaware of, but the rea­son for nam­ing the con­fer­ence Con­scious­ness Beyond Chem­trails was because the pub­lic needs exactly that. Whyte visu­al­ized and seized on a great oppor­tu­nity to bring together many dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives on chem­trails, not just defin­ing what they are, but out­lin­ing their pur­pose as well as the shad­owy indi­vid­u­als respon­si­ble. While the con­fer­ence and live stream required a ticket, the goal was also to raise money for Morgel­lons research, a syn­drome related to chem­trails which man­i­fests many almost inex­plic­a­ble symp­toms.

This is a good descrip­tion cour­tesy of the con­fer­ence organizers.

Morgel­lons is a multi-symptom dis­ease that has a num­ber of symp­toms such as; erupt­ing skin lesions, sen­sa­tions of crawl­ing, bit­ing on and under the skin, the appear­ance of blue, black or red fibers and gran­ules beneath and/or extrud­ing from the skin, fatigue, short-term mem­ory loss, impaired thought pro­cess­ing and feel­ings of depres­sion and isolation.

The pre­sen­ters came from var­ied pro­fes­sional back­grounds and brought their var­i­ous tech­ni­cal knowl­edge together for a syn­the­sized overview of the New World Order’s sci­en­tific agenda. Before you object to that state­ment, con­sider the com­ple­men­tary fash­ion of the var­i­ous effects. Chem­trails are said to not only enhance weather mod­i­fi­ca­tion and weapons, but also tie into genet­i­cally engi­neered crops and plants as the soils on earth are being rapidly depleted of the min­er­als that make them arable. The chem­trail par­ti­cles accu­mu­late and basi­cally help along the process of killing the soil, some­thing doc­u­mented on Day 1 by stud­ies of dead trees in Cal­i­for­nia. This runs right into the need for genet­i­cally mod­i­fied crops and plants which grow in “strained” soil con­di­tions. It would be nice to have crops that can grow in poor soil, but what’s the point if they ster­il­ize you, cause organ fail­ure, can­cer or worse? Beyond that, many of the pre­sen­ters spoke of the fact that chem­trails are lim­it­ing the amount of sun­light reach­ing the ground, some­thing which Michael Murphy’s doc­u­men­tary high­lights. That is just scratch­ing the sur­face of what chem­trails are known and rumored to do. The next level is under­stand­ing the new world order’s need to geo-engineer the planet.

There was an incred­i­bly com­pre­hen­sive overview of GMO crop tech­nol­ogy with Jef­frey Smith, exec­u­tive direc­tor of the Insti­tute for Respon­si­ble Tech­nol­ogy. He cham­pi­ons a respon­si­ble food chain, which is being destroyed by the reck­less nature of genet­i­cally mod­i­fied crops, mainly from Mon­santo. These genet­i­cally mod­i­fied organ­isms, innocu­ously called GMOs, are the tro­jan horse for the new world order’s plan to first hijack the food sup­ply, then con­trol and steer it over time. That may sound out­landish, but it is under the guise of improved crop yield, which has been shown to be a fal­lacy (also giv­ing rise to super­weeds). Not only does it achieve the effects of weak­en­ing the aver­age human, but it’s also designed to make the body depen­dent on these foods over time as it re-engineers the diges­tive flora to work in uni­son with it.

If you are new to the GMO prob­lem, this quote from Smith about the crops says it all really.

You can spray them with half the com­po­nents of Agent Orange and they won’t die.

Some pre­sen­ters strayed fur­ther from the dis­cov­ery aspect of chem­trails and went into advanced the­ory. There was Project Camelot’s Kerry Cas­sidy who is knowl­edge­able on a range of sub­jects includ­ing “the Illu­mi­nati agenda, mind con­trol, the matrix, prophe­cies, 2012″ and oth­ers. She “con­ducts inter­views doc­u­ment­ing the tes­ti­mony of whistle­blow­ers with above top secret clear­ances as well as researchers and expe­ri­encers cov­er­ing all aspects of real­ity both on and off planet”, which pretty much extends all the way to the high­est lev­els of gov­ern­ment and into the shadow gov­ern­ment. She’s inter­viewed agents, vic­tims, sub­jects and pat­sies and has the cre­den­tials to back it up. Cas­sidy laid out an exten­sive overview of the occult soci­eties and their con­nec­tions to the knowl­edge of “other world beings”, the occult and illu­mi­nati agenda, as well as a loose his­tor­i­cal record of the Annunaki, Nephilim, Plei­d­i­ans and more. What are those? Yes, aliens. Crazy? Maybe. But there is actual evi­dence carved in ancient stone Sumer­ian texts sug­gest­ing the exis­tence of these other world crea­tures. We won’t tell you that aliens exist, we don’t know that, but there is a lot of his­tor­i­cal record widely accepted by his­to­ri­ans which depicts inter­ac­tions with these beings. You can read and see more here.

Later in the evening on Fri­day, Sofia Small­storm gave a com­pre­hen­sive look at the Morgel­lons phe­nom­ena. There are many uses and effects for chem­trails, con­firmed and spec­u­lated alike, but one of the most alarm­ing effects among chem­trail ana­lysts is the con­nec­tion to the Morgel­lons epi­demic. Morgel­lons is not a dis­ease specif­i­cally, but a syn­drome, as it is not an organic occur­rence. The link between to Morgel­lons is the inte­gra­tion of nanofiber par­ti­cles in the chem­trail sprays, which act as a deliv­ery method for var­i­ous par­ti­cles. Accord­ing to Sofia Small­storm, who has stud­ied the cases of many suf­fer­ers, a long term suf­ferer of Morgel­lons, the nanofibers essen­tially embed them­selves in your skin and set­tle in, usu­ally car­ry­ing chem­i­cal com­pounds or even bio-organisms. There are reports of all types of mate­ri­als, sil­ica, crys­tals, glass like mate­ri­als, fiber like mate­ri­als, and lit­er­ally strand fil­a­ment like objects grow­ing out of the skin. There are many reports of liv­ing organ­isms ges­tat­ing inside of some of these tubu­lar sacs which grow under the skin. (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

One woman who has had this con­di­tion for nearly two decades has Lesions the size of soft­balls on her body, deep craters that fill up with bio-filling which she calls goo “ball of goo”. The buildup cre­ates great pain and pres­sure which gets to a point where she has to use her fin­ger­nails and razor blades to dig the con­tents out. This process tak­ing sev­eral hours every night in the bath­room. The doc­tors she has seen call this self exco­ri­a­tion, believ­ing that she is men­tally ill and doing it to her­self, pulling and rip­ping her flesh to cre­ate deep self inflicted wounds. This is far from the case.

It feels like some­one is dig­ging into you with a screw­driver as the tubes grow inside of you.”

The bugs are in the tubes. I pull out the tis­sue, the tis­sue is like a tube. I open up the tis­sue with tweez­ers. I have found ants, moths, spi­ders, flies and cater­pil­lars. Some insects are hybrids, they’re crossed, they don’t look right.

She tells me her blood is no longer liq­uid, it is goopy, gelati­nous, filled with a thick vis­cous mate­r­ial being made inside her. She believes her blood has become synthetic.

A tubu­lar mass from inside the crater, that isn’t a blood vessel…“

Sat­ur­day was the most packed and var­ied day. There was Alfred Lam­bre­mont Webre, JD, MEd who talked about HAARP, a chem­trail “plasma weapon”, mass mind-control as it relates to chem­trails and sound waves, and what amounts to a plan­e­tary assault. The new world order was a term heard explic­itly a few times, but referred to vir­tu­ally all week­end by many pre­sen­ters. The sci­en­tific agenda seeks to con­trol human life from begin­ning to end.

The sci­en­tific com­mu­nity was well rep­re­sented from the start at the con­fer­ence but the PR got a boost with comedian-turned-activist Roseanne Barr and for­mer Con­gress­woman Cyn­thia McK­in­ney squeezed into 1 hour as late addi­tions to the sched­ule. Their atten­dance was a bit con­tro­ver­sial among some of the spec­ta­tors at first but they def­i­nitely aug­mented the mes­sage of the con­fer­ence. They both had some knowl­edge on chem­trails and GMO crops, but largely espoused the need for us all to unite fur­ther against the global threats advanced by the new world order.

Roseanne Barr’s speech had hints of a cam­paign stump speech as she is the can­di­date for Pres­i­dent. We won’t com­ment on her cam­paign because that’s not what we do, but her mes­sage to the mass awak­en­ing move­ment was stir­ring. WTF News was live tweet­ing all week­end and caught a num­ber of head­line wor­thy quotes which weren’t just rhetoric but a call to action.

“Auschwitz is the blue­print of cor­po­rate social­ism” (on the Prison Mil­i­tary Indus­trial Com­plex)
“To those trapped in the demop­ub­li­can com­plex, go ahead and waste your votes on Barack Obama and Mitt Rom­ney“
“to the Fed­eral Reserve, that tells us debt slav­ery is free­dom“
“Cor­po­rate Social­ism is halfway social­ism, that’s why it doesn’t work” “it’s a huge ponzi scheme“
“you can’t eat money“
“90% paint sold in Amer­ica today was made by Amer­i­can pris­on­ers” (on the Prison Mil­i­tary Indus­trial Complex)

Cyn­thia McK­in­ney car­ried the mes­sage of unity fur­ther by high­light­ing her time in gov­ern­ment and the evi­dence of cor­rup­tion she has wit­nessed. Not only does she have expe­ri­ence with 9/11 decep­tion, but also the “Prison Mil­i­tary Indus­trial Com­plex”, which is basi­cally the closed loop money sys­tem com­prised of pri­vate pris­ons, the defense con­trac­tors, law enforce­ment via the drug war and the intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ties which con­trol it and use it to fund wars. The words were a stir­ring reminder of the times we are in, how cor­rupt Amer­ica has become. McK­in­ney famously grilled for­mer Defense Sec­re­tary Don­ald Rums­feld about the for profit (and plea­sure) child sex slave rings which Pen­ta­gon con­trac­tor Dyn­corp was caught red handed in, but only put in the “penalty box” for the offense.

“We live in the under­belly of the sys­tem that sup­ports that bright, shin­ing city on the hill” (that Rea­gan talked about)
“What we are try­ing to pre­vent is a soy­lent green world“
“Are y’all famil­iar with Oper­a­tion North­woods?” (false flag ter­ror plan cre­ated by our gov­ern­ment, with the goal of start­ing a war)
“They said they’d hijack planes” “blame it on Cubans” (use remote con­trol air­lin­ers and blow them up over the Gulf of Mex­ico)
“then oppo­si­tion to the war against #Cuba would dis­si­pate“
More effec­tive “if the vic­tims were col­lege stu­dents return­ing from spring break“
“sim­i­lar to paul wol­fowitz, we were just sit­ting around a table and came up with weapons of mass destruc­tion“
“they betrayed us, lied to us, to the world” pat­ri­cide, we are killing coun­tries, our coun­try.
“In the words of the FBI, they were will­ing to neu­tral­ize peo­ple they found to be prob­lem­atic, like Mar­tin Luther King Jr.“
“What they will do abroad, they won’t hes­i­tate to do at home“

After the break, Michael Mur­phy pre­miered his new chem­trail doc­u­men­tary expos­ing the why behind the plan, called “Why in the World are They Spray­ing?”, follow-up to “What in the World are They Spray­ing?”, which really ampli­fied the chem­trail truth mes­sage and largely made this con­fer­ence pos­si­ble. These two doc­u­men­taries really cover the whole spec­trum of why chem­trails exist. Mur­phy appeared this morn­ing on the Alex Jones show to recap the con­fer­ence as a whole.

The some­what star­tling thing about this is that was the extent of the media cov­er­age of this event, out­side of WTF News. The main­stream media is curi­ously silent on the prov­able facts sur­round­ing chem­trails. The only “main­stream” arti­cle about this con­fer­ence after the fact, was a dis­info hit piece from an unpre­pared writer with crap logic. That’s not an exag­ger­a­tion, read it and see the cir­cu­lar nature of the logic, which is actu­ally not logic. It’s basi­cally like answer the ques­tion “why” like a 6 year old and say­ing “because”, a famil­iar MSM theme.

There were a few other sub­jects pre­sented on Sun­day, includ­ing the com­pre­hen­sive cov­er­age of geo-engineering and bio-engineering links. Laura Eisen­hower spoke about the Mil­i­tary Indus­trial Com­plex, as her grand­fa­ther of Pres­i­dent Dwight D. Eisen­hower warned us about. Watch­ing the con­fer­ence live stream was a very edu­ca­tional expe­ri­ence which was really well worth the price of admis­sion. We are not affil­i­ated with the con­fer­ence in any­way, it’s just some­thing very news­wor­thy that unsur­pris­ingly, didn’t make news. The footage is avail­able on the web­site for pur­chase and is prob­a­bly a bet­ter place to spend your money than the movie the­ater with the Alzheimer’s caus­ing pop­corn but­ter.


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